5 Ways to Improve Security At Work

Tired of sticky fingers making off with your office supplies? Worried about the gradual economic downturn of the neighborhood? If you’ve been re-considering workplace security, here are five measures you can take to better protect your business from both internal and external threats.

1: Change The Locks

You’d be surprised at how many disgruntled ex-employees still have access to your building because they never turned in their keys. Simply changing the locks can prevent break-ins and vandalism on a large scale.

2: Stay Vigilant

There should never be any unaccompanied strangers in the office. If they’re clients, they should have an escort; if they’re delivery men, the person who let them into the building should take responsibility for watching them until they leave.

3: Create ID Cards

If your employees don’t already have some kind of staff identification, now is the time to make badges, lanyards or cards. Organizing the troops can prevent honest blunders in the workplace just as much as deliberate sabotage.

4: Light It Up

Dark corners are where things get stolen. Replace your standard overhead bulbs with bright florescent lights to keep everyone virtuous and everything gleaming. You might also consider skylights if you live in a single-story building.

5: Buy An Alarm

You have a home security system for your personal property. Doesn’t your office deserve the same diligence? Invest in an alarm system that will immediately alert the authorities in the event of a nighttime burglary, daytime robbery or any other kind of disaster.