The Art of Blogrolling

You might be unfamiliar with the term blogrolling. In case you are indeed unfamiliar with it, let me here explain to you that this fancy term is used to describe sharing links via blogs. You might be wondering at this point what the point of trading links is. By trading links with other blogs from your niche, you can get more traffic to your website and you can get more page views. If you are one of those webmasters who have a good set of blogrolling links, you should expect to receive more traffic to your blog. You can also help those blogs who appear on your blogroll receive more traffic.

Newbie tips: how to keep your wordpress site running smoothly

After you set up your wordpress blog, there are important things you need to do to keep it secured and running smoothly. Ignoring some of the things covered will leave your site loading slowly even if you are using powerful unlimited web hosting by Smart Hosting, and also make it vulnerable to the activities of hackers. What are these things?

Update regularly

Contrary to what many newbies think, the installation of wordpress software, themes and plugins is not something you need to do only once. New versions of wordpress come out every now and then and each new version offers more features and improved functionality. The same applies to plugins as well. Regularly updating them ensures your website functions fluidly and is also protected against known attacker. Here is an example of a wordpress vulnerability that was dealt with through an update.

Back up regularly

With the amount of work that goes into building a wordpress site from scratch, and getting it indexed in the search engines, you will be making a big mistake by not backing up your website. A single mishap can wipe out all your efforts! You don�t need to back up your wordpress site daily. One backup per month is probably enough. However, don�t forget to back up the site after any major changes.

Here is a piece on how to easily back up your wordpress site.

Avoid a crowded sidebar

For many newbies, the wordpress sidebar is a junkyard.� Having a crowded sidebar is a great way to slow down your website and make it prone to the occasional crash.� To get the ideal sidebar, you need to have a proper idea of your goal for each page. This will help you create a cleaner sidebar, while directing traffic to the right parts of your website.

Rename your admin account

When you begin using your wordpress account, you log in as �admin�. Operating your wordpress site with this username makes it easier for hackers to take over your website. This is why you should always change the username as soon as you can. Apart from changing the username, it is also advisable to keep the username different from your account display name.

�Install WP Security Scan

While installing a barrage of plugins, many overlook this important one. WP Security Scan will look through your wordpress blog for any vulnerability and tell you if there are any malicious code snippets. From the results, you will be able to know if you are open to any security threats or not.

With these tips, you should be able to keep your wordpress blog protected and running smoothly.

Tips for result oriented print marketing this 2015

No matter what kind of business you run, you need carefully and properly crafted marketing materials. These materials should include newsletters, product sheets, brochures, booklets, and so on. Unfortunately, some businesses are yet to see the full potential of creating these materials. Unfortunately, many companies make the mistake of jumping on desktop publishing software to create these materials on their own instead of relying on professionals like

To succeed with your print marketing this year, you should consider the benefits of working with professionals, and incorporate the tips we will share here.

Get your company logo designed professionally

Not having a logo or not using a professionally designed logo is a good way to make sure no one ever reads your brochure. Don�t try to design a logo on your own. Any professional printing company should be able to help you create a quality logo, but you can also contact an advertising agency for a great logo as well. A logo designed by a professional will look clean, classy, and will be eye-catching and effective both in colour and in black and white.� The logo will look great in small size or large size brochures and print materials as well.

Make sure the printed materials are in line with the principles of great graphic design

You probably do not know anything about the principles of quality graphic designs. However, for the best print marketing results, you will need to be sure your company�s materials are designed based on these principles. �Here are some quick things to know in order to stay in line.

  • The final print must look clean
  • Use headings and subheadings to direct the reader on where to look on each page
  • Break up paragraphs with images
  • Avoid a crowded look
  • Use captions in your photos
  • Use charts and graphs instead of tables

Pay for good images

Instead of using amateur images of your office, accessories, supplies, etc. in your brochure, you will be best served by paying professionals to do the work for you.� It doesn�t matter if you are a small business; high quality professional images in your brochure are a must, and amateur snapshots will only end up giving a negative impression of your business instead of bringing in prospects. �Here is more on the importance of corporate photography.

Create a print marketing desk

As your business grows and as you take part in different trade shows, your print-marketing needs will continue to grow. It is therefore important to have someone that is responsible for anticipating future needs, maintaining your print marketing inventory, and supervising the production of your print materials. Without proper coordination of your print marketing campaign, the process can become very frustrating, and your results will suffer.

By following these tips, you should see better results in your print marketing this year.

What does a SEO company actually do?

SEO - Search engine optimizationAlthough the word �SEO� is a common word among online users, many do not have a proper understanding of what it entails in entirety. The limited knowledge of SEO extends to the services those professional companies in the industry offer to clients both individual and corporate.� Nevertheless, having proper information on what SEO companies do is very crucial for any business that seeks to use it as a tool for marketing. Since a number of companies that offer search engine optimization services exist, it is obvious that their mode of operation may differ in some aspects but there are some core duties that they do on behalf of their clients.

The services offered by search engine optimization companies can either be short term or long term depending on your goals on the same. Some of the well known services that you are likely to have handled by a professional� SEO company on your behalf include:

  1. Overall website breakdown

Professional SEO companies will first look at the state of your current website and analyze its structure to come up with ideas on changes that they would like to make it better. Areas that they will look at include site crawlers and the site map among others. The structure of the website should be done in such a way that it meets the needs of online users as well as search engines.

  1. Analysis of website content

Content analysis is an important task for SEO companies as it assists them in structuring any ideas they might have for the website. Since content is important for a successful website, SEO professionals normally look at aspects that include as content ranking, quality of displayed content,� misplaced pages and duplication of content among others.


  1. Building quality links

For a website to remain relevant to search engines and its targeted users it is important to build valuable links. Bad links contribute to low ranking or eventual removal from a search engine ranking altogether. SEO firms offer a number of services in this area that include building links and monitoring them; competitor research and brand monitoring among others. Proper links are also important for better interaction on a variety of social media sites.

  1. Website result analysis

As changes to the website is done by an SEO company, they also set up a way to monitor the results to help them see if there any positive changes or not. The monitoring tools used may vary but the goal is to find out the best way to ensure that the ranking of the site improves which eventually turn into customers. In most cases, SEO professionals will use the results to make necessary adjustments so that the website operates at its optimum.

All in all, it is important to understand that search engine optimization is an continuing process that needs to be invested in regularly if your website is to remain the best. Hiring an experienced and qualified SEO company is part of this investment to ensure that you get the best out this marketing tool.

Heavy Duty Zippers

There are different ways to close things, but the most common are zippers. While they are notorious for breaking down at the worst possible moment, they are also everywhere holding things together. They only attract attention when they break. When you need to get a replacement for your old zipper, go to

Zippershipper carries various kinds of zippers, from the invisible zippers for skirts to the heavy duty zippers that will be used for outdoor tasks. These are generally a higher gauge and made from tougher materials. They will be used for everything from tents to Jeeps and boat closures.

They also carry bottom separating zippers. This is the one commonly used on jackets and consists of a tab that is inserted into the slider to close. Getting the tab into the slot can sometimes be a challenge, but unless we want to pull everything over our heads, there�s no choice. There are different styles of closure, but the most familiar is probably the bottom separating style.

Health and Computers

Some people might be wondering whether it is healthy to sit many hours in front of the computer. If you plan to spending many hours in a row staring at your monitor, then obviously it is not going to be very healthy. Of course, there are some things you can do so that your health will not suffer. First of all, make sure to take breaks on a regular basis. Do something else during your break and consider stretching or exercising. If you feel like your eyes are getting tired, then every few minutes try to look through the window. Focus your eyes on some object far away and this should help with eye strain.

Why The Best Android TV Box Beats Smart TVs

4K_Android_4_4_TV_box_with_gD6p2rEhjpgthumb_400x400Here�s a quick question: why should you pick the best Android TV box you can find over the best smart TVs on the market? Here�s a quick breakdown of some of the more important reasons:

Customizable Content

An Android OS box was built from the ground-up to handle apps that you want to install � whether from the official Google Play store or from a separate third party. This feature is seldom available in smart TVs, especially those that only install a handful of apps on the TV and prevent you from easily installing more of your own.

Feel like playing a retro video game on the best Android TV box you�ve got? Install an emulator to play Nintendo or even Xbox games. Want to review documents and get some extra work done at home? Install one of the many office suites from the Play Store. Looking for great movies or shows to watch on your own time? Buy/rent movies from the Play Store or download your choice of video-on-demand apps to work with.

In short, Android dongles and boxes give you control over the content that you want and need.

More Frequent Updates

Another advantage of customizable Android TV boxes over smart TVs is how often the apps and firmware are updated.

Because of the ever-evolving nature of both the Android platform and the apps that utilize the operating system, the best Android TV boxes on the market consistently churn out updates for their units. This is huge in a way that both the firmware and apps patch security vulnerabilities, improve performance and generally make the user experience smoother and more intuitive.

Even the apps themselves see frequent updates to improve functionality � which is something that you don�t see happen often with smart TVs that use their own operating systems. Android is a platform that accommodates change and innovation, and Android apps reflect this attitude in their development.

Modular Approach To Accessories

The hallmark of cool Android TV boxes is how easy it is to hook up a whole range of accessories and add-ons to work with them.

The best Android TV boxes out in the market come with a plethora of options for connecting devices. USB ports, micro-USB ports, Bluetooth connectivity, Wi-Fi internet access receivers, LAN cable ports � all these and more make it relatively easy to hook up whatever accessory you want to the box.

This also means that you can easily disconnect these accessories whenever they are not needed. This is especially important in the case of microphones or cameras. It can be a bit creepy and unsettling when your TV has a built-in digital camera that you can�t turn off or unplug when you don�t need them.

Equivalent Costs

Here�s the clincher: quality Android TV boxes don�t necessarily need to cost more than smart TV boxes.

This is especially true for those who already have TVs in their households and are considering getting a smart TV. Top-of-the-line boxes cost around 100 USD, which is a fraction of the cost of a smart TV yet offers all the features of the said TV � along with option to customize the apps as you see fit.

Sometimes it may even be worth investing an additional hundred dollars or so even if you already have a smart TV. The ability to add new apps and work with a variety of other accessories makes it a decent use of cash.

Keep all these in mind, and it�ll be so much easier to understand just how the best Android TV boxes often outperform the best smart TV boxes in terms of utility, customizability and value for cost!


Chinavasion is a Shenzhen-based wholesaler that offers a wide array of gadgets, from the best Android TV boxes in the market to whimsical LED shirts for the wacky individualist. Visit today to learn more!

Computer Monitoring

If you are tired of trying to look at every website your employees visit while they are at work, it is time to ask somebody else for help. As a boss, you have many other things to do than to monitor your employees. Allow programs such as this Computer monitoring software to catch your employees red-handed. When your employees come to work, they are expected to work. While in the office, they are not supposed to browse websites or chat with friends. Unfortunately, this is what happens in many offices around the world. Instead of concentrating on their work, employees spend countless hours visiting websites that are not related to their job at all.

Internet monitoring gains on popularity these days. This is the only solution that allows bosses to catch the worst offenders in the act. Software such as the one that I mentioned above does an excellent job by allowing you to check what your employees do while at work. If they visit website with adult content, you are going to know about it. If they use their instant messengers to chat with their friends, you are going to know about it as well. Nothing can hide from you, not even the smallest detail. Even if your employees do not suspect that you use software that monitors their online activity, you have the right to know what they do at work. After all, you are their boss and you pay them for their work. If they fail to perform according to what they are paid for, you have the right to know about it. The right internet monitoring program will record every email your employees send, it will keep track of every website they visit, and it will inform you about any instant message they receive. Nothing can hide from you if you use software like this one.

A year of the cameras � 2014

2014 has been a great year for the digital cameras. Though the smartphone gave a tough competition to the point and shoot, fixed and interchangeable lens cameras, there have been some very impressive and excellent cameras released by the big brands.� Here are a few good ones that made a mark in 2014.

  • Canon G16 � This fixed lens camera possess some high-end features like a fast f/1.8 lens in this camera which is generally found in a DSLR. It has a 12MP resolution, a1/1.7 inch CMOS image sensor and a good fast lens with 5X optical zoom.
  • Canon Rebel EOS T5 DSLR � Rebel T5 is a great option to get into a DSLR world of photography, keeping your budget intact. It has an 18MP APS-C CMOS image sensor, 3fps continuous shooting, 3 inch LCD and a 9-point autofocus. It also features a popup flash and a viewfinder.
  • Fujifilm X-T1 � It is an advanced and powerful mirrorless interchangeable lens camera. But for the price that it comes for, it is definitely not amongst the entry level cameras. Its advanced features and high quality image creation does full justice to the bar it created for itself. �Though it supports the retro look, it is works very fast, such that you can never miss spontaneous photos due to shutter lag or waiting for the camera to respond.
  • Nikon D5300 DSLR � This DSLR is a solid entry-level camera. It offers a great combination of advanced superior features that include built-in WiFi and basic photography. The DX format image sensor in Nikon D5300 includes and an impressive 24.2MP resolution, which helps to perform amazingly in low light.
  • Nikon Coolpix S9700 � This versatile model is a great travel camera. It has 30X optical zoom which helps you click the distant pictures. It comes handy when you are travelling and wish to click land scape photos. This is just 1.4 inch thick and is easy to carry in your pocket or travel bag when you are on the go. It has good picture quality and the autofocus mechanism helps you click sharp pictures.
  • Olympus OM-D E-M10 ILC � This is a strong entry in the range of mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras by Olympus.� It has a 3inch touch LCD screen and a 16Mp image recording with a speed of 8 frames per second, with an electronic viewfinder. It possesses an image stabilisation system that works on triple axis system giving it great capabilities.
  • Olympus SP-100 � Though SP-100 has an average image quality it has a unique Dot Sight mechanism and a remarkable 50X optical zoom. Very often when you wish to track far-off subjects, you might face the problem due to the subject moving out of the frame when the zoom is in use. The Dot Sight mechanism that is in-built in the pop flash unit makes it easy for you to focus and capture.
  • Samsung NX30 ILC � This one is a terrific mix of excellent image quality and easy-to-use features.� This mirrorless interchangeable camera has 20.3MP resolution, a moveable electronic viewfinder, 9fps burst mode, full HD video recording, 3.0 LCD touch screen and built-in NFC wireless and Wi-Fi connectivity. It is complete with every high-end feature possible.
  • Samsung WB2200F � It features a 60X optical zoom lens, 16MP resolution and a little more manual control over your pictures. This one is called a �bridge� camera by Samsung that is in between the beginners� camera and the DSLR. It also has NFC connectivity and Wi-Fi along with electronic viewfinder and 3.0inch LCD screen.

Diana Hayes is a freelance blogger and writes for , a portal dedicated to information on digital cameras in Australia