Heavy Duty Zippers

There are different ways to close things, but the most common are zippers. While they are notorious for breaking down at the worst possible moment, they are also everywhere holding things together. They only attract attention when they break. When you need to get a replacement for your old zipper, go to www.zippershipper.com.

Zippershipper carries various kinds of zippers, from the invisible zippers for skirts to the heavy duty zippers that will be used for outdoor tasks. These are generally a higher gauge and made from tougher materials. They will be used for everything from tents to Jeeps and boat closures.

They also carry bottom separating zippers. This is the one commonly used on jackets and consists of a tab that is inserted into the slider to close. Getting the tab into the slot can sometimes be a challenge, but unless we want to pull everything over our heads, there�s no choice. There are different styles of closure, but the most familiar is probably the bottom separating style.