Using Video for Business

Video for business isn�t new. In fact, businesses have been using video for decades now. However, video technology has changed dramatically in recent years. For example, most laptops come equipped with webcams and microphones. Many workers have high resolution video cameras built directly into their smartphones and tablets. In addition to being able to quickly and easily create videos, today�s workforce has access to a wealth of information in video form thanks to video for business channels of YouTube, private networks, and more. Below are a few ways businesses and employees are using video for business:

  • Impromptu meetings � Webcasting software allows employees to hold face-to-face video meetings as needed. Whether two sales managers need to strategize one-on-one or the CEO wants to deliver an important message to the entire organization, webcasting can make it happen.
  • Training sessions � Video for business is ideal for corporate training, and several options exist. For example, you could hold and record a traditional training session and then post the final video on a private YouTube channel. You could also host a webinar training session and record it for future use. With webcasting, trainees can participate in live training from the convenience of their desktops (Source: MediaPlatform webinar services).
  • Team building � Companies often use video for business to build team spirit. For example, employees may be encouraged to submit internal team videos in support of an upcoming product release or charity campaign. This is a fun way to use video for business, build camaraderie, and encourage teamwork.
  • Share PowerPoint presentations � Employees put a great deal of effort into creating powerful PowerPoint presentations. These presentations are often shown at staff meetings never to be seen again. With video for business webcasting tools, you can share your presentations across the company if desired. Presentations with a long shelf-life can be enjoyed for years to come by current and future employees.

Video for business has changed thanks to the Internet and new technologies such as webcasting. How will you use video for business?