Batch Printing

I am definitely one of those people who print a lot of things every day. I print documents for business, but I also print various things for fun such as pictures of my kids for example. My printer is always busy and you wouldn’t believe how much paper I use everyday for the activity. Of course, it is a money well spent because I believe strongly that printing is a good use of my hard-earned money.

Not so long ago, I heard about Print Conductor. The software would be a very nice addition to help me facilitate my printing. I am glad to have discovered the software because I really didn’t know anything like this existed. My life has been so much easier since then I never looked back. This is how happy I am with the software and I know that it helps me tremendously in my day-to-day printing.

So what exactly is Print Conductor and why is it so helpful to people like me who like to print a lot? in a nutshell, Print Conductor is a simple batch printing utility that has many useful features for every printer user. For example, if you regularly have to open and print a large number of files from your PC, this very helpful tool can be a real timesaver that will allow you to accomplish a lot in a short amount of time. How do you accomplish that? Once you decide and tell your PC which files to print, Print Conductor automates the rest of the process so that you don’t have to worry about anything anymore. Print Conductor takes total control over your printing and makes it really easy for you.

Batch printing PDF, Word, Excel and other filesWhen it comes to the ease of use to all who choose to have it, I would like you to know that Print Conductor is easy to use. All you need to do is to create a list of files to be printed and voila, you are ready to get started. All sorts of formats are supportedin the software: Microsoft Office, Adobe PDF (including all like Word, Excel, Visio, PowerPoint, Publisher), HTML, Autodesk AutoCAD, SVG, etc.

There is one other feature I would like to mention in this post. This feature can come in handy if you choose to print the same files over and over again. Print Conductor supports exporting file lists. It is extremely helpful if the same files will be printed again later and if you know that you will want to do it at some point. All you have to do is to select the printer you want to use right after creating the list. You can choose any printer to do the job and you are ready to go.

I must admit that I find the software to be extremely useful to me in my everyday life. To be honest, I don’t know what I would do without it. My printing life would definitely be a lot harder and not as enjoyable as it is right now. I am glad to have found out about it.


One of the questions I have been asking myself recently is how to keep the balance between resting, working and having fun. I am one of those people who enjoy participating in various activities. I might also be a workaholic, but it is already a different story. I noticed that I feel better after having a good night�s sleep. This means that I need to sleep well in order to feel good. Now the question is how much sleep do I really need and how many hours should I reserve for some other fun activities. I must admit that very often I am tempted to stay up late even though I know that I should go to sleep. I never pull all nighters as I am not one of such people who can stay up very late.

How Companies are Successfully Harnessing the Power of Big Data

Discussions of big data and analytics have crept into everyday business conversations. No longer relegated to just major marketing businesses, the value of big data and analyzing it for a variety of business applications has become obvious across all parts of organizations. Facebook and Amazon are famously analyzing customer data to target customer interests, but a wide variety of companies are now finding out how to use analytics in successful ways.

Two Major Analytics Success Stories:� Facebook and Amazon

Facebook and Amazon have become household names, but part of their fiscal success is the use of big data and analytics. Customers provide the social media giant and the online retail giant with all the data needed to analyze habits and interests. The resulting information is then used to deliver targeted messages back to each individual.

Facebook uses its vast quantities of personal information to return specific ads to user pages. The data is mined from the millions of user comments, �likes,� and locations or products posted willingly on its network each day.

Amazon also delivers targeted ads, but the company uses analytics to shape customer shopping experiences as well. The company offers suggestions for purchase based on customer wish lists and purchase history. The data is analyzed to provide special sales offers and useful product ideas while giving the customer a feeling of browsing through products. Each product happens to be predicted by analytics as something the customer likely wants or needs.

How Other Companies Are Harnessing the Power of Big Data

Big data has transformed the online retail portion of other companies besides Amazon, helping get customers into the stores with targeted coupons or sales offers. However, the power of analytics has also been recognized outside of retail or online consumers such as those browsing Facebook. Organizations as varied as travel services, car companies, and political groups are using analytics to influence their policies and audiences:

  • Airlines such as British Airways are using analytics to track passenger preferences and target appropriate travel messages.
  • Travel websites such as Travelocity use big data to calculate supply and demand for pricing and suggestions for hotel and car services.
  • Car companies such as Volvo and Nissan analyze data from localized customer websites to provide advertising based on regional preferences for purchasing vehicles.

Some organizations are not using analytics to shape consumer purchases. The Obama/Biden political campaign is another successful use of big data. Campaign managers analyzed trends in political discussions and returned speeches with those talking points in mind.

More Success Stories to Come

Big data success stories will become more common as organizations find even more innovative ways to use analytics. Analytics solutions providers such as Treasure Data are working with an increasing number of companies interested in harnessing the power of big data.



One of my blogs rated as Great

One of my blogs recently received an important award and was rated as �Great� by an editor from a popular site. The exact score was 8.3 and it was based on the following criteria: Frequency of Updates, Relevance of Content, Site Design, and Writing Style. I am quite happy about it as I believe that the award is quite important. Generally speaking, I am happy that that site has been acknowledged by the community, as I put a lot of work in it and I am quite proud of what I achieved. I plan to make that site look even more professional and have high quality content like I always aimed for. I am putting even more work into this site so maybe I will receive some award in the future as well.

4 Tools to Optimize the Way You Use Twitter


Who would have thought a few years ago that a simple service, such as Twitter, will give rise to dozens of applications designed specifically to help users optimize their Twitter presence? Now, thanks to these apps, you can connect with real influencers, make your messages more popular and in line with current trends. What is best about these applications is the fact that most are offered for free or include free trials. There is a lot to choose from, but we recommend the following four as most interesting:

Cyberbranding � if you want to start analyzing hashtags in a professional manner, this tool will make it possible. The application comes in two different versions: the free and paid Hashtag Intelligence. The latter can be very useful to eCommerce businesses, because it allows to analyze hashtag global trends and identify influencers for specific hashtags.

Tweriod � have you ever wondered what is the best time to announce the start of the sales season on Twitter? Tweriod will help you figure that out. The app analyzes your Tweets, as well as those published by your followers, in order to figure out when your fans are most active and most responsive.

Must Be Present � analyzing your social media presence is an important part of the Magento eCommerce development and Must Be Present, a tool from Sprout Social, allows you to measure your effectiveness in responding to users� tweets. The tool shows how many Tweets you have responded to and how much time on average you need to post a response.

Followerwonk � would you like to gather more information about your followers? Followerwonk is a tool designed to do that and use these new data to group your followers based on different criteria. If you want to personalize your Twitter presence, Followerwonk is a great tool for a start.


3 Reasons Why Branding Is So Important

If you�re a business owner, you�ve probably heard the word �branding� thrown around a lot. You know what it means, but you�re not sure why it�s so important. Here are three reasons why your business relies on how well you brand it.

1. Consumers prefer to do business with companies they�re familiar with. Even if a consumer has never actually bought a product or service from your company before, they may recognize your company thanks to brand awareness marketing. When they�re ready to make a buying decision, they�ll feel comfortable with your company because they�ve seen it several times already.

2. Your brand can communicate everything about your business in seconds, from what type of company you run to who your target market is. The logo, font, business name, tagline, and graphics say a lot about your business.

3. When you brand your business, you create a guideline for yourself, making it easier to come up with and stick to a business strategy. Everything you do from that point on should fall in line with your brand – if it doesn�t, it�s not a good choice for you. Your mission and vision, as well as your marketing efforts, should always be compatible with your brand.

From name badges with your logo�s primary font to signage for outside your store, branding plays a big role in how consumers regard and remember your business.

Tips for Microsoft Word

Many people would certainly agree with me that text in Word document often looks better in many circumstances when it is presented in a form of columns. If you also think that way you will surely be interested in knowing how to make the columns work in your Word document. Just follow those steps:

1. First, highlight the text that you would like to take a shape of a column.
2. On the menu bar go to �Format� and then select �Columns�.
3. On the upper part of the window choose the options that suit you the most. You can choose here between two column, three, column align to the left or a column aligned to the right.
4. Press �OK� and enjoy your new columns.

Word has many features and knowing how to sue them should enhance your overall experience, because you will feel more confident.

PowerPoint Designers

Whether you are starting a new business or have been running one for some time, one of the most important indicators of success is how you market your company. Rather than making marketing an add on in your business strategy, it should be the driving force. Marketing is about creating a cohesive brand message through visuals and words. Creating such a message across all of your business platforms is not easy and often takes professional assistance. Investing in marketing has an extremely high return on investment and is worth spending money on. The following areas are ones in which you may want to invest in hiring a professional consultant or firm to create an outstanding company image.

Website Design & Maintenance

In many cases, a client’s first impression of you will be your website. First impressions are important, so your website should be professional, sleek, and well-designed. The look of your website should be the source from which all other branding flows. Color schemes, wording, and logos should be consistent throughout. This can be overwhelming and professional assistance here is well worth the investment.

Social Media

Social media is an offshoot of your brand, which should direct traffic to your website. Figuring out what type of social media platforms to use and what kind of content is helpful can be tricky, though. Hiring a social media consultant is a great way to invest in a social media strategy which your company can then take forward to push out your brand.

Professional Presentations

Most companies will give presentations at some point. When making a sales pitch or a presentation to potential investors, it is vital that you come off looking professional. Most of these presentation will include a PowerPoint, which is why hiring professional PowerPoint designers is highly recommended. There are many companies which can help with powerpoint deign and revitalization. One such firm is eSlide, which has a team of professionals who integrate your brand into your professional presentations.

Where to find cheap zero gravity chair?

Some of you who want to buy zero gravity chair, you might think it twice since the price of this chair is not that low. This is why you need to find cheap zero gravity recliner that you can afford for. Surely there are a lot of places where you can purchase cheaper chair only when you know what you need to do.

  1. Second hand store: this store has a lot of things you need for your household items. Some of the items is zero gravity chair that you looking for, of course you will get one that already been used before. That is why the condition of the items will not as good as new. But when you could find one recliner that has the best condition, then you can say you make a great deal.
  2. Local market place: you must have seen some local market that sold chairs for your household need. You can try to see whether they have the zero gravity recliner you want. However, the chair that available on this market is usually outdoor type chair. For this type the price is cheaper than the other type especially one that used indoor.
  3. in our website you can find variation of zero gravity chair with cheap price. But you should not have to worry since you can also find it with high quality so you would not waste your money at all. Furthermore the chair sell on our website is a new chair so you will get the items with perfect condition. You can find variation of zero gravity recliner which you can use indoor or outdoor from many kinds of brands. Other accessories for the recliner chair are available separately so you can find one that able to make your chair useful.