4 Tools to Optimize the Way You Use Twitter


Who would have thought a few years ago that a simple service, such as Twitter, will give rise to dozens of applications designed specifically to help users optimize their Twitter presence? Now, thanks to these apps, you can connect with real influencers, make your messages more popular and in line with current trends. What is best about these applications is the fact that most are offered for free or include free trials. There is a lot to choose from, but we recommend the following four as most interesting:

Cyberbranding � if you want to start analyzing hashtags in a professional manner, this tool will make it possible. The application comes in two different versions: the free Hashtagify.me and paid Hashtag Intelligence. The latter can be very useful to eCommerce businesses, because it allows to analyze hashtag global trends and identify influencers for specific hashtags.

Tweriod � have you ever wondered what is the best time to announce the start of the sales season on Twitter? Tweriod will help you figure that out. The app analyzes your Tweets, as well as those published by your followers, in order to figure out when your fans are most active and most responsive.

Must Be Present � analyzing your social media presence is an important part of the Magento eCommerce development and Must Be Present, a tool from Sprout Social, allows you to measure your effectiveness in responding to users� tweets. The tool shows how many Tweets you have responded to and how much time on average you need to post a response.

Followerwonk � would you like to gather more information about your followers? Followerwonk is a tool designed to do that and use these new data to group your followers based on different criteria. If you want to personalize your Twitter presence, Followerwonk is a great tool for a start.