Protecting my Personal Data

I was on the train the other day getting to work as my car had broken down a couple of days earlier. It was a sunny day and the train was full of people. There were probably more people on it on that particular day than ever. As always, I was enjoying myself immensely minding my own business listening to my favorite tunes with my head in the clouds thinking about all those nice things I would be doing after I come back from work. Little did I know at that time that somebody was snatching my mobile phone from me the very moment as I was so busy with my day dreaming.

I left the train wanting to send a message my best friend telling her to meet me straight after work. I looked down in my bag only to find emptiness. Where was my mobile phone? Where did it go? What about all the personal data I had stored in there such as the phone numbers to my best friends and coworkers? What was going to happen now?

I started scratching my head in despair thinking about what was going to become of all the data I had stored there. I guess there was nothing that I could have done about it after my mobile phone was already stolen, but I guess I am going to take some steps to prevent it from happening ever again. I am going to use ways to protect personal data in a way I have never done before.

Increasing the security has been on my mind for some time now, it’s just that I never really had the time and determination to do it. After being robbed for the first time, I now finally have the determination to want to take action to prevent it from happening again. It’s not only about my mobile phone, but most importantly it is about all the personal data I have stored there. I wouldn’t want the data to leak somewhere and I wouldn’t want to be to blame for it. I am sure that you know what I man by that.

Choosing Your Shopping Cart

Your online sales process absolutely must be a smooth process from beginning to end. The marketing that you do in order to gain visibility on the major search engines will come to absolutely nothing it your online sales cart is broken in any way. There is no reason that you should pay the price for having a less than professional sales cart service; here are a few things that you should look for in your online sales cart so that you do not lose customers because of technical difficulties.

First, you should make sure that the sales cart looks good. Put yourself in the shoes of the customer: Would you use your own sales cart if you had to make a purchase? Does the sales cart look spamming? Are all of the fees and the taxes that you owe put in plain view so that the customer is not surprised once he or she receives the receipt for the credit card that was used? All of these things are absolutely essential when determining which sales cart you will put on your website. Remember that even though the sales cart is another company, the customer will consider it your company and your brand will be negatively affected by any bad things that happened during the transaction.

Second, you should ensure that your shopping cart guarantees its uptime. This is the main feature that will help to create transactions that do not falter in the middle. The servers that underwrite your shopping cart should have mirrors and redundant servers so that no transaction will be lost. The server should also be protected physically as well as through their IT infrastructure. These are questions that you should ask your online service cart provider before committing to them in any long-term contract.

If you are looking for a reputable company that has served many industries for years, then you owe it to yourself to consider the services of They will give you all of the services that have been mentioned above and more. You can expect a premium experience for your customers when you do business with this company.

Trekking and Watches

I am so glad that the weather is getting better and the days are warmer here where I live. This means that I am going to go trekking in the mountains soon, which is great as I have been looking forward to it very much for some time now, especially since winter was so long and cold. I am sure that I am going to take a G-shock watch with me to be able to keep track of time. This type of device will be helpful to me for sure, so I am going to take it with me wherever I go.

There is Something about Diamond Rings

There is simply something about diamond rings that makes so many women desire them so much. Maybe it’s because diamond rings are so shiny and they are a symbol of luxury? I am not sure, but all i am sure about is that diamond rings are some of the highest quality diamond rings you can find on the market these days and for a good reason.

Spending Time Outdoors

I have some very fond memories from the time I spent driving my ATV in the summer last year. I don’t own one myself, but a friend of mine does. He was more than happy to teach me the ropes and show me how to use this magnificent device. I am very grateful for this as because of it I’ve had a chance to learn how to drive one. It turns out that more and more people out there seem to be owning youth ATVs. I am glad that this is the case as spending time outdoors is always a good thing.

Are Super Bowl Ads Worth the Price Tag?

No matter what time of the year it is, there is a football fan yearning to see his or her team in the big game, and an equally bored spouse who gets through all the fist pumping by enjoying the Super Bowl commercials. For the 2014 game, ads ran companies upwards of $4 million that’s more than many Americans will make in his or her entire lifetime, for a brief 30 seconds of TV glory. So is that spectacular price tag worth it? The answer might surprise you.
Why Companies Are Willing to Pay So Much

The simple answer is audience. With the Super Bowl you have a riveted audience of millions, across many age and race demographics, plus both genders. At no other time during the year are so many Americans huddled around their TVs for those contained hours, and now that Super Bowl commercials have become the primary source of entertainment for an estimated half the viewers, companies can see the benefit of pouring money into creating memorable ads. But should your small operation aspire to the Super Bowl, when 29 Prime focuses on branding your local business for a much more affordable rate?
Opposing Views

29 Prime focuses on branding your local business, ,

enormous audience (about 108 million viewers in 2013), plus the aura of importance that surrounds a brand who has nabbed a coveted spot. Critics, on the other hand, say that the gargantuan is just too high.
So Who is Right?

If studies are to be believed, the nay-sayers are in the right. According to research firm Communicus, four out of five commercials fail to spark enough interest in consumers to make a purchase, despite the fact that they are about 10 percent more likely (than non-Super Bowl ads) to stay with viewers after the big game.

Face it: the odds aren’t in the brand’s favor, so you should probably shelve those Super Bowl ad dreams and focus on marketing to your local audience.