Protecting my Personal Data

I was on the train the other day getting to work as my car had broken down a couple of days earlier. It was a sunny day and the train was full of people. There were probably more people on it on that particular day than ever. As always, I was enjoying myself immensely minding my own business listening to my favorite tunes with my head in the clouds thinking about all those nice things I would be doing after I come back from work. Little did I know at that time that somebody was snatching my mobile phone from me the very moment as I was so busy with my day dreaming.

I left the train wanting to send a message my best friend telling her to meet me straight after work. I looked down in my bag only to find emptiness. Where was my mobile phone? Where did it go? What about all the personal data I had stored in there such as the phone numbers to my best friends and coworkers? What was going to happen now?

I started scratching my head in despair thinking about what was going to become of all the data I had stored there. I guess there was nothing that I could have done about it after my mobile phone was already stolen, but I guess I am going to take some steps to prevent it from happening ever again. I am going to use ways to protect personal data in a way I have never done before.

Increasing the security has been on my mind for some time now, it’s just that I never really had the time and determination to do it. After being robbed for the first time, I now finally have the determination to want to take action to prevent it from happening again. It’s not only about my mobile phone, but most importantly it is about all the personal data I have stored there. I wouldn’t want the data to leak somewhere and I wouldn’t want to be to blame for it. I am sure that you know what I man by that.