Addicted to Checking Email?

Email is a great thing, but these days it is not uncommon for people to be addicted to checking email. What I mean by this is that often people will check their email even though they know it is not the right time or place. For example, if checking your email box distracts you from more important tasks, then it might be a sign that you are addicted to checking email. Some people if they cannot sleep at night they might get up and check their email. Well, that might not be a great idea because what if you will notice some important email from your boss and this will further prevent you from sleeping? I try to check my email daily, but I do it only once per day.

Should You Upgrade to the iPhone 7?

The iPhone 7 was released recently to great fanfare as usual. It goes without saying that the iPhone is a high quality, reliable and well-designed device, and millions of iPhone owners agree. However, one of their greatest strengths is that unlike most other phones, they last. And last. There are many people still rocking iPhone 5s and even iPhone 4 models. It may have you wondering, is upgrading worth it? Well that depends.

The iPhone 7 and 7+ are beautiful phones, but they don�t come without a little controversy. Apple removed the headphone jack, and that has sent some people into a tizzy. They include a set of earphones that plug into the lightning jack, and also a small dongle that can be used with traditional earphones. Yet for some people, the ability to charge their phone while using headphones is a must, and for others, they dislike having to use the dongle. If either of these are a concern for you, and your current phone is working just fine, you may want to hold off on upgrading. Otherwise, enjoy the improved audio quality the lightning jack provides!

Speaking of audio quality, if you use your iPhone�s external speakers often, the new iPhone 7 may be a worthy upgrade. It features stereo speakers and the sound is pretty impressive for a small device.

The other big improvement is the camera. The iPhone 7+ offers a much improved camera with dual lenses, improved low light performance, and 4K video. If you take a lot of photos and/or videos, you�ll definitely want to upgrade.

However, there are some things about the new iPhone that may not make upgrading attractive.� For example, if you got your apple iPhone 6 unlocked, and having an unlocked world phone is important to you, is careful about upgrading. While the Sprint and Verizon versions of the iPhone 7 can be unlocked and used with any band (LTE/CDMA/GSM) the AT&T and T-Mobile versions are not compatible with anything but GSM.

Finally, Jet Black. Everyone is talking about this new iPhone color. It�s glossy, it�s shiny, and it�s black. It�s also the most hard to find version, much like Rose Gold was last year. Is it worth upgrading for? It�s attractive, yes, but it�s also a fingerprint magnet, and Apple themselves posted a warning in the fine print that it can and will develop scratches. Since most of us put our shiny new iPhones in cases, does the color really matter? If it does to you, go ahead and upgrade as you won�t find the same colors and finishes anywhere else.


Good Things about Social Networking

Because more and more people have access to Internet each year, social networking is gaining more and more on popularity as well. People take advantage out of social networks and treat them as an alternative for looking for friends. Whereas there are some networks that are better and more user friendly than others, let me here give you a few reasons why social networking can be so fun:

1. Contacting other people is relatively easy and very fast. All you need to do is to create an account which will only take you a few minutes. You will be asked a few simple questions after which you will be ready to start interacting with other users. The questions are very easy, and among other things you will need to provide a valid email address. Usually, you will not be obliged to do anything that you would feel uncomfortable with. Even if some user starts harassing you, you are free to quit as soon as you want.

2. Registration usually does not cost anything. There will be some exception to that, but the good thing about the Internet is the fact that many things are for free.

3. You can very easily meet friends who share the same interests as you.

4. You are given an option to upload your pictures, blogs, audio messages etc. I am sure that many of us like doing that, and the thought that somebody might be reading our articles is thrilling.

How to Get More from Technology

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Open Box Gear

Music gear is as important as any other gear out there. I am thinking here about open box gear at that is so easily accessible to anybody who wishes to obtain such gear. Whenever you have a need for something, the best place to get it is to go straight to the Internet. This is something I have been myself doing for a long time and I have been rather successful at it.