How to Clean a Building the Best Way

There are many large buildings in the city where I live. I believe that most of them benefit from the services similar to the services offered by building cleaning companies in Columbus.

When you own a large building, there is definitely a lot of cleaning to be done. Let’s face the truth: things get dirty all the time and most buildings require some maintenance and cleaning on a daily basis. This can be done swiftly and without any complications if you know how to deal with such issues. Definitely, hiring a professional company for the job is one of the best things you can do here as they will be able to offer you their invaluable services usually at an affordable price.

I still remember working in a giant building that was the headquarters of a bank. every time I would come to work at 8 in the morning there would still be a crew cleaning the premises. They really worked hard to ensure that people like me who were working there had a clean and nice place to do their job. I am not sure from what hour the crew was cleaning the building, but they must have been starting very early since they were done by 8 am.

I believe that when you want to hire a crew to clean a building, you need to make sure that you find somebody right for the job. Cleaning of buildings might not be such an easy task as it sounds. for example, if you store some dangerous chemicals in your premises, you want to make sure that you only hire somebody who knows how to deal with such chemicals. Only professionals can deliver up to their promises and you need to be prepared to look for people that are absolutely right for the job. Having said that, I am sure that you will find somebody like that.

Surfing While at Work

The problem with working in an office is that you might not always be busy. And when a worker is not busy, he might be tempted to start looking for something to do, like surfing the Web, or writing emails. There are many people who just surf the Internet for fun during work, or use their email for other purposes then strictly work. According to the study conducted by AMA (American Management Association) among three hundred companies US companies more than a quarter of employees were fired because of misusing email, and every third worker has been let go for not using the Internet properly at work. Whereas accessing pornographic sites during working hours was the main reason for being fired for misusing the Internet, simply surfing the Web was the reason one third of the employees lost their employment. Office workers are also being downsized for the misuses of emails, mostly because of the inappropriate language used in correspondence. Twenty five percent of bosses said that they fired their staff because of excessive personal use of email.

I think that it is quite apparent that a worker should not access pornographic websites, or other sites considered to be offensive. When it comes to emails avoiding using vulgar language is another thing that employees should remember about. Workers should also realize that in order to have everything under control many companies monitor their Internet connections, and as a matter of fact, it has been said that 66% of companies monitor their Internet connections. In many cases companies do not even have to notify employees that their activity at the computer is monitored. Every employee should remember that and try to represent their company in the best way possible. Employees should also try to use their time effectively because they are usually paid on a per hour basis. Of course, employees also deserve privacy to some degree, so monitoring Internet connections may not be the best way to motivate employees to work more efficiently.

Simple Business Strategies That Can Take Your Company To A New Level

Generally, one of the primary goals that business owners focus on is company growth. However, it is also the case that many if not most businesses experience periods of stagnation or decline. These experiences can be demotivating. However, systematically implementing the right action plan can keep your company moving forward with prestige and power. Here are several methods you can deploy to make permanent growth possible and probable:

1. Use A Portable Time Clock.

One great way to take your company to a new level is to invest in a portable time clock. In the event that you have no AC power available, being able to record hours is still important. The portable time clock makes this important process possible by enabling you to plug them into devices like AT & T or Sprint cards. Companies like the Time Clock offer these business-building devices and many more!

2. Invest In Online Reputation Management (ORM) Services.

In addition to utilizing a portable time clock, it’s a good idea for you to invest in online reputation management services. In our contemporary world, consumers go online all the time to talk about their level of satisfaction with the products and services offered by specific brands. In many cases, consumers are dissatisfied with a brand and make negative statements about their goods. In the event that a plethora of negative statements emerge about your company via internet, your reputation could be compromised and you could witness a decline in sales. To preclude this process from taking place, you can invest in professional online reputation management (ORM) services. Digital marketing professionals can offer a wide range of ORM services, each of which will help ensure that your online presence is as positive and powerful as possible.

3. Concentrate On Self-Growth.

One final strategy you should implement to keep your company moving forward is to concentrate on self-growth. As you grow in areas such as health, emotional intelligence, and ability to communicate effectively, your entire company will be operating at a higher level of excellence. In recognizing this fact, be sure that you’re making self-growth an integral part of your daily routine. There are innumerable strategies that you can implement to facilitate the self-growth process, and some of them include:

� hiring a trainer
� giving back to your community
� donating blood
� taking an online communication class


Oftentimes, business owners grow frustrated with their companies because they experience periods of stasis or decline. However, there are systematic steps you can implement to preclude this recidivism from taking place. By using portable time clocks, investing in ORM services, and concentrating on self-growth, you can increase the likelihood that your business will remain in a state of advancement and expansion.

4 Ways to Spot Fake Page Rank Websites

First of all, Page Rank is Google�s ranking algorithm that calculates the importance of webpages on the Internet. In order to get a high PR, a site has to have high PR websites linking to it that are relevant to the topic of the site, and are not blacklisted by Google. The PR scale is from 0 to 10, with 3 being respectable, 6 impressive, and 10 almost impossible to achieve. It is a widely used way to determine a website�s value when deciding to buy a site, exchanging links with it, or in any other circumstances. Since it is so widely used, sometimes the consequences of being tricked by a fake PR can be drastic, like in a case of buying an expensive website. However there are ways to identify fake Page Rank, depending on circumstances:

1. Visit this PR checking tool ( to determine if the PR is valid. Among other things, it checks whether a site uses a 301 or 302 redirect that points from their site to another site with a high Pagerank. Such redirect can be used to fake a site�s PR by displaying PR of another website, instead of its own. PR displayed in toolbars is not always real, as it can be tricked by redirecting.

2. Check the number of backlinks on the site. If there are none or only few backlinks from low PR sites and the sites appears to have a high PR, it might indicate that something suspicious is going on. Use the backlinks analyzer for detailed information.

3. Check the number of indexed pages by checking out If there are no pages it means that the domain has probably dropped/expired recently, or that it is blacklisted by Google. If there are only a few links and the site has a high PR, you should be cautious as well.

4. Use the WayBackMachine tool ( to see how the site looked like in the past. If it was a completely different website, it might mean that it recently switched owners. If the topic of the new website is different as well, there is a risk that the PR will drop. That is because Google only counts links relevant to the topic to determine PR.