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It has been found that approximately 65 percent of the population are visual learners. Visual learners absorb information from what they see. This is why vibrant colors, shapes, letters, pictures and so much more is displayed throughout classrooms. In addition, people tend to absorb more information when learning involves visual and auditory stimulation combined. For instance, information shared from hearing someone speak while viewing a visual demonstration is more easily remembered than hearing a speech alone. This is what makes the use of whiteboards a phenomenal teaching tool.

Whiteboards are also extensively used at work sites. A whiteboard�s bold white background serves as excellent contrast against red, blue, black and other-colored markers. Concepts in the form of pictures, shapes and words help people of all ages to absorb information. Use of whiteboards provides many functions at work. For instance, they can serve to create a daily task list for particular teams to ensure a larger project can be accomplished. Use of a professional, sturdy whiteboard, such as the Best-rite Whiteboards, can provide many uses.

Whiteboards can serve as a place to store pending items, such as tentative schedules or phone messages. Whiteboards can be used to dramatically lessen clutter in the workplace and serve as a station for interim information. Another common usage for whiteboards is to post messages. This can be done by a supervisor or an employee to convey special notices, such as a deposition currently being held in the conference room or the like.

Along with pending information, a large calendar can be used to record deadlines or meetings. By the use of color-coding, hard deadlines can be distinguished from tentative ones. It�s a wonderful way to avoid the hassle of double-booking appointments or cramming too much work into one day. Calendars serve to inform others of your work schedule so that the work environment is more cohesive.

Whiteboards are also extensively used for brainstorming purposes. For instance, having a whiteboard in a conference room where everyone can gather and talk is a great way to record ideas down for projects, get-togethers and other purposes.

There is no limit to the use of whiteboards. They can be used for a variety of needs, in a variety of ways, store easily, are professional and are easy to clean and maintain. They are the perfect business solutions for several tasks.