4 Reasons to Seek a High Risk Merchant Account for Your E-Cigarette Business

The market for electronic cigarettes is literally exploding. Traditional cigarette smokers are increasingly turning to e-cigs to help them quit. Breaking into this lucrative market requires solid financing and the ability to accept all forms of payment. A merchant account is the best payment processing choice for e-cig vendors. However, due to the high risk nature of this market, it is nearly impossible to obtain a regular merchant account.

Fortunately, you have the option of applying for a high risk merchant account. There are several good reasons to go this route.

Avoid Rejection

As mentioned earlier, the electronic cigarette market is still considered to be a risky venture. That means that most traditional merchant service providers are going to outright reject your application. Instead of going through a needless application process, turn to a merchant service that is open to doing business with e-cig vendors. While rejection is still possible the odds of getting approved are a lot more in your favor.

High Volume Sales

Not only do you need a good merchant account service, you also need an account that can process a large amount of volume without running into restrictive monthly limits. Look for a high risk merchant account provider that uses its years of expertise to find ways that you can process more sales. One solution to the sales limit problem is to obtain more than one account under the same processing umbrella.

Certain high risk merchant providers are able to allow multiple accounts that are serviced by a single provider. You can easily switch accounts when needed to increase sales volume.

Quick Approval

A major stumbling block for many e-cig sellers is waiting endless days before finding out if a merchant account application is approved. When the application is rejected that lost time is gone forever. Applying through a high risk provider is actually easier on your business. Approval times are quicker and you will not need to wait long for your account to become active.

Reliable Processing

Reliability is extremely important when selling a popular product such as e-cigarettes. Customers want to place their orders easily and securely without any payment hassles. Customer satisfaction is a main reason why you should choose a trusted merchant account partner for your business. Find a reliable payment processor that respects customer needs.

Find out more information about securing a hassle-free electronic cigarette merchant account online from trusted resources.