Why you should use compatible ink cartridges

Most people know that using OEM or branded ink cartridges can b quite costly and isn�t really sustainable if you are doing much printing. Most manufacturers are now selling the printer for cost price in order to entice people to get the printer. They then sell the printer ink at almost the same price as the printer. To sum up they make their money from the ink not from the sale of the printer. For this reason alone compatible toner cartridges are a wise choice as they are usually a fraction of the cost and perform the same job.

Another issue often over looked is the environmental impact that ink cartridges can have. Remanufactured ink cartridges are basically recycled OEM cartridges meaning that you are reusing a cartridge. They are however remanufactured to a very high standard and look brand new so quality is not an issue. There are low quality compatible inks on the marketing so it is important to find a reputable supplier that guarantees their inkjet cartridges.

Most compatible toner cartridges contain more ink/toner than the original product which means not only are they cheaper but they will last longer! If you check the ink cartridge box or even ask the supplier they should be able to tell you the difference in page yield of the compatible and the original ink cartridge. Again if quality is a concern simply shop around to find a reputable supplier as in the long run the compatible ink cartridges are cheaper, better for the environment and will last longer than the original product!