Why you are losing revenue and how to fix it

Your sales team is one of your most important assets. Sales reps work hard and diligently to bring and keep clients. They are the generators of new business and they are good at it. But the human factor is not always perfect, especially when it comes to organizing, and syncing contacts and activities or using all the available data to generate more leads or sales.

You have probably already been complaining about your CRM data being often missing or incomplete. Your sales team spends a lot of time inputing data into your CRM, or simply does not do it. Most of the time they do it once in a while when forced by their manager, so the data is never really up-to-date. Plus, since they input data manually, you cannot be sure the data is 100% accurate.

There already exist applications that will help you import data in Salesforce. But these tools, as helpful as they might be, only work to the extent they are used by each member of your team, people who are already busy enough with convincing customers of how great your product is. To make the most of your data you need a seamless application that does not bother your sales reps with complicated setup processes or plugin-ins. Salesforce integration with Google Calendar provided by AutoMagic Sync is seamless. Once the app is set up, at the org level, it starts syncing the selected users´┐Ż calendars and accurately completing the activity history and open activities sections of your Salesforce records. Sales reps suddenly do not need to juggle between calendars anymore. The chances of missing or being late to a meeting or missing a follow up phone call go down and their productivity triples, at least.

Something similar happens when you sync Salesforce app with Google Contacts using AutoMagic Sync. You`ll get complete and up-to-date information about each and every lead or client in Salesforce and sales reps will not need to input all their contacts manually anymore. This way the common practice of just forgetting about a lead or client because the contact got erased or was not inputted in time will be obsolete in your company. You`ll have more control of the contacts, even if an employee leaves the company, and you will be able to easily transfer contacts from one sales rep to another. The sales reps will also love you to death because they can reduce the time they invest in a task they dread.

But wait, what you use the most is e-mail, right? Salesforce integration with Gmail provided by AutoMagic Sync brings goodies beyond imagination. The app basically fetches e-mails sent and received from leads and clients and assigns it them to the right records in Salesforce (leads, contacts and accounts), in the activity history section. This way you will have access to all your Sales reps email activities and you`ll be able to manage the team better, with more insights. It will help the sales reps as well because the app enables them to see all the interactions with a lead or account and take the appropriate action at the right time, which will increases the conversion rate. Last but not least, AutoMagic Sync increases the ability of your sales reps to collaborate, sharing their information more efficiently. Many sales are lost because data is not managed well. You may be missing out on a good deal of revenue just because a potential big client was not managed well due to a bit of chaos in the way the team organized data. An app will always be more accurate than a human being. Accepting our flaws and finding solutions will eventually make us more successful, don`t you think?