What Should I Franchise a Restaurant?

If you have been thinking about franchising a restaurant, you’re not alone: more and more food-minded entrepreneurs are going the route of franchised restaurants, and with good reason. The Cold Stone franchise cost, for example, is less than that of setting up your very own diner or corner store. But aside from lesser costs, there are other good reasons to consider a franchise. There are many advantages — much more so than disadvantages — to owning a franchised restaurant, and here are just a few of them:

Built-in support.
Nothing is scarier than going it alone. Rather than take on a high-risk adventure all on your own, consider instead a franchise restaurant, where the corporation you’re essentially leasing the restaurant from will be providing all the support you need. From uniforms to equipment to food service to periodic inspections and maintenance, the built-in support provided by the corporation who owns your franchised restaurant is definitely worth giving kudos to.

Ready-to-go food and menus.
Don’t stress over creating the perfect menu or determining the ingredients to use or where to order your food from – your franchiser has these elements covered, too. Simply be prepared to learn the ropes, and you’re good to go.

Staff training.
You can expect to be up to your eyeballs with training manuals, DVDs, and perhaps in-person lectures and courses – not just for your employees, but for you, too! Having training provided to and for you will definitely be a weight off your mind as you adjust to running your own restaurant.

Marketing and advertising.
In almost all situations, your franchiser will handle all aspects of advertising and marketing. All you need to do is focus on running your restaurant.

An Already-Established Reputation.
Ask any new small business owner about the biggest difficulties in managing a new business, and he or she will most likely lament about how hard it is to get his or her name out there, and to emphasize that their reputation is a good one, and that their company name can be trusted. When you choose a franchised establishment’s ring to throw your hat into, you’re not just taking advantage of a ready-to-go restaurant, you’re also taking advantage of a brand name whose positive reputation and recognition has already been established for you.