Understanding Pinterest

Not everyone likes or even understands Pinterest, but those who do flock to the social network in droves, making it the fastest-growing social network ever. The software works for saving any image, video or link that has pinnable media. Although the majority of Pinterest users are women, many teens are participating in this hot media. Pins and boards can include inspirational posts, locations, art, tips for fashion and beauty, cooking, household DIY and practically anything that inspires or interests people.

As with other social media, people post for business, pleasure or a combination of both. Glen Gonzalez, head of TJG Capital, uses his Pinterest account to promote both. Next to his board on investing is one for philanthropy, which projects his volunteer spirit. His other boards feature inspirational quotes, images of modern art and even adorable family photos. Through Pinterest, it’s easy to see the causes and morals that are important to a person, even if they’re not actively trying to tell you something about themselves.

It’s only been since mid-2014 that users could directly message one another on the pinning website. However, Pinterest isn’t just about expressing yourself. Many people look to Pinterest as a source of finding new information.

Pinterest has become a formidable resource for people looking to develop or hone new skills. From building a website to building a house, there are links to every sort of tutorial. One feature that makes Pinterest interesting is that no one user participates in the same way as his or her peers on the site.

All types of public figures and many brands have jumped on the bandwagon. Because Pinterest focuses on images and videos, it is easier to catch the reader’s attention when they browse through a page. They only have to read it in detail if they click through to a link to learn more about what’s in the pin. Utilizing social media has been the key for many brands to build loyalty and bring traffic to their websites in 2014.

Many bloggers have taken to the platform so they can share product reviews and giveaways, family photos, their grandmothers’ recipes and beauty tips. Their networks grow, friendships strengthen and traffic increases, which puts them in a better position to work with brands or make money from their blogs.

There are no limits, either. While someone might have a board about investing, another may have a “crunchy” parenting board. In this case, “crunchy” refers to all-natural things such as cloth diapering and cleaning without chemicals. While the site might seem like an intimidating melting pot of images to newbies, this wealth and variety of information is what has kept die-hard fans coming back even after the initial buzz has worn off.

While the layout may seem to stay the same, additions such as business pages and the messaging system show that the developers want to keep moving forward. Marketers, bloggers and even CEOs who want to remain on top of social media will find Pinterest is a great tool.