The Internet Is Changing The Face Of Corporate Culture

All across the world, the Internet is changing the face of modern corporate culture. This is no more true and transparent than in the world of commerce. Executive officers and timely entrepreneurs, such as David Kiger among many others, have long pointed to the crucial necessity of this crucial sea change in technology, and warned us all to be prepared for the major social, political, and cultural transformations that lay in its wake. As a result, the mass of humanity was far more prepared than it could have been.

A Whole New Breed Of Internet Entrepreneurs Has Taken The Reins

The fact that such shrewd operators existed at the time of the transition was a major boon for all of us, but especially for the new breed of entrepreneurs who profited by it. It’s safe to say that a whole new breed of Internet entrepreneurs has taken the reins and, in doing so, has changed forever the way that businesses communicate, not only with each other, but their international public as a whole. This is the crux of the matter as, thanks to the foresight of visionaries like Kiger and others, the transition was smooth.

Bridging Over The Lag From The Analog To The Digital World

As a result, the sudden and very complete transition from living in a purely analog world to a whole new universe of Internet communication has been far easier than might at first have been suspected. The complete revolution that accompanied the advent of the Internet necessitated a corresponding change in the way that commerce was conducted. Indeed, the sweeping changes that occurred so rapidly a mere two decades ago compelled the creation of an entire new way of conducting business, with an emphasis on international effect.

The Internet Dictates That Business Is Conducted On An International Level

The main effect that the Internet has had on the conduct of international business is the new realization that commerce must now be conceived of, as well as executed on, a whole new international level. The old traditional method of operating from a single “brick and mortar” structure has been superseded by an Internet based model that involves the conducting of commercial and communicative transactions from a website that can reach millions of people per day. The reach of business has certainly been expanded by a considerable (some might say exponential) margin.

Expanding The Reach Of Business Results In A New Level Of Profits

As a result, this unprecedented expansion in the cultural reach of business has produced an equally revolutionary margin of profit. Those who were farsighted enough to get into the game early have reaped a fiscal whirlwind of billions of dollars. Luckily, the Internet age has continued to bring prosperity to a whole new generation of young business minded professionals who have learned the lessons taught by their predecessors, and have applied and expanded them with success. The age of the Internet is truly the modern age of business.