The Guide to a Good Laptop Deal

To find a good laptop and a great price you must know what you are looking for. There is no point looking for a discounted $3000 gaming laptop if all you are going to do is surf the web and write emails.

While it sounds like a faster processor is automatically better, this is not the case. If are only looking to proof read essays, read the news and watch movies you don�t need a fast processor. With 4 GB of ram any basic AMD or Intel processor should be enough.

One area where you want to be careful is with your hard drive. There are some super-discount laptops that come with limited or no hard drive space (i.e. a Chromebook). The producers of these laptops want you to store all of your files in the internet, which leaves you high and dry if you are ever without an internet connection. Until we have high quality wireless internet without any bandwidth caps it is best so stick to a laptop with at least 250GB of hard drive space.

One of the latest innovations to come to the world of laptops is the solid state hard drive. These devices replace the old spinning platters with quick electronic memory. SSDs will make your computer boot up faster, but they are quite expensive. At the end of the day SSDs only provide a marginal speed boost for the majority of applications. Unless you are consistently accessing gigabytes of information from your hard drive, an SSD is rarely worth the high cost.

One area where you do want to pay attention is screen size. If you buy a cheap laptop with a discounted screen you will regret it. It is no fun having your eyes glued to a screen that is plastered in 8 point font. The reality is that a couple extra couple extra ounces in exchange for a 15�� or 16�� screen is not a big deal.

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