The Essential Role of Commercial Labels

Where would we be without labels? Whenever something requires being identified with a word or associated with an idea, we typically use a label that we can stick on that product. Labels can tell us something as simple as what company made a product or more complex information about the product that wouldn’t be otherwise obvious by simply examining it. Labels are good for sales, promotions, in advertising or whenever information needs to be shared between the manufacturer and the consumer.

Labels for Products

Perhaps the most common form of label are those designed for commercial products. The label is usually specifically made for just that product. For example, a manufacturer of beauty products might have custom cosmetic labels designed for each item they sell. Some labels, such as those that tell the consumer how to use a product safely, may be designed to be permanently attached to the product. Other labels, such as eco-labels that describe the product’s environmental impact, may be intended to be removed soon after purchase.

Packaging Labels

Some labels are intended to be used only during a commercial transaction. These common labels include pricing and bar code labels, shipping identification labels and other means of inventory and location tracking. These labels serve primarily the needs of the manufacturer more than the consumer, yet help to make commercial transactions go more smoothly and efficiently.

Mail Labels

Few businesses have the time or the staff these days to devote to putting addresses on mail by hand. For mailing purposes, labels are a godsend, allowing large numbers of envelopes or packages to be quickly and easily sent to their destination. Labels can be specifically designed to meet the standardized mailing practices of the U.S. Post Office, thereby allowing mail to move through the system faster and with fewer errors.

Everyone Needs Labels

Whatever field of commercial endeavor you’re talking about, it is hard to think of a field where labels would never have a use. Everyone uses the mail system for letters and packages and wants to be able to track their movement. Everyone wants an accurate count of how many products they sell and where they sell them. In other words, everyone who sells a product has information about that product they want to share with others. Labels can do it all, making them an essential component of nearly every product.