The Benefits of Using Aerospace Grade Aluminum

Aluminum is a material that has become common to see in many manufactured items. 2219 aluminum, or aerospace grade is not quite as common. It is a mix of aluminum and copper, which stands up to more rigorous demands and higher temperatures. This is why the aerospace industry uses this product consistently to construct all sorts of vessels and aircraft.

How Aerospace Grade Aluminum is Commonly Used

Aerospace aluminum is used to create booster rockets, fuel tanks and any number of parts for aircraft that need to exit and re-enter the atmosphere. Keeping parts from degrading due to high temperature is an important part of successful space flight.

Other Products Made Using Aerospace Aluminum

Many industries and private artisans have found that this type of aluminum works well in the products designed and marketed to the general public. You will find aerospace grade aluminum in products such as wheel rims for cars, jewelry, art projects, tools and many types of die-cast parts.

What Makes Aerospace Grade Aluminum Superior?

Hurlen-Kenig creates aerospace grade aluminum that surpasses most in quality and durability. They have both long-standing and continuing contracts with the aerospace industry to supply this product for many years to come. Using aerospace grade aluminum will ensure that the products you make last longer, work more efficiently and degrade over a longer period of time than standard products.

How Easy is it to Get Aerospace Grade Aluminum?

Hurlen-Kenig specializes in providing many types of super alloys on a regular basis to all types of industries. They are also able to machine, cast, forge and extrude. The services available are complete and will keep your business in supply of the aluminum you need, when you need it.

Is Aerospace Grade Aluminum Affordable?

Businesses build empires based on repeat customers. This is something that requires customer satisfaction. Building products and offering them to customers with increased quality and performance is the perfect way to guarantee customers will return over and over again. The cost difference is worth the high quality of product it helps create.

Consider the use of aerospace aluminum if you are looking to change or upgrade the manufacturing of an existing project. Trust the professionals at Hurlen-Kenig to provide the solutions at an affordable cost.