Surveys Reveal Importance of Business Signage

As you might already know, a brand goes beyond just a logo. It’s the way that the public experiences your company, and decides whether or not they’ll remember you or want to give you their business. It embodies everything from billboards, magazines and newspaper ads, television spots, and of course, your signage.
Just how important is signage to your brand’s success? FedEx Office, together with Ketchum Global Research and Analytics, conducted a survey that measured just how important signs re to a company, and what impact they have on consumers. The Economic Center, University of Cincinnat conducted a similar survey, and the results of both shed some light on the impact sign have on the public.

Among other results, these two surveys found that:
Eight out of ten consumers said they had visited a store or office for the first time simply because they saw a sign. (FedEx Office)
Almost 75% of participants had told someone they knew about a business based only on the business’ signage. (FedEx Office)
Around 68% of consumers said that they believed a business’ signs reflects the quality of their products and services. (FedEx Office)
Around 67% of survey participants said they’d purchased a product or service because of a company’s signage. (FedEx Office)
Almost 60% of survey participants said that they were deterred from entering a store or business because they had no signs. (FedEx)
About 60% of businesses reported that making changes to the visibility of their signs resulted in a higher number of sales and transactions. The increase was 10% on average. (UC)
Over half of the survey participants said that bad signage (misspelled words, unattractive design, etc.) would discourage them from entering a store or business. (FedEx Office)
About 38% of larger businesses with multiple locations said that branding and image was the most important function of signage. Small firms and companies with single locations said that signage was important in setting the business apart and helping people to find them. (UC)
Both consumers and businesses surveyed said that legibility was the most important factor for effective signage. (UC)
As you can see, corporate signage provides many benefits for businesses. It’s a way to constantly advertise around the clock, and to position your business as professional and high-standard.