Scipio Services – One-Stop Shop for Real Estate Solutions in Myanmar

Are you in Myanmar to set up your business or in connection with your job? Do you need a house for you to live or space to set up your office? It is a daunting task to navigate the residential as well as commercial real estate markets in Yangon, Myanmar. This is because the environment is often opaque and many agents and brokers get involved in the process. In addition, unclear titles, opaque land ownerships and multiple claims can make it a really risky affair for you. This is when the services offered by Scipio Services assume a lot of importance. This article provides a brief account of Myanmar real estate consultancy and advisory services offered by Scipio Services.

Why Scipio Services

Scipio Services with its headquarters in Myanmar was the first foreign-managed real estate services company to set up operations in Yangon. The company offers bespoke services to organizations entering the emerging Myanmar market. The consultants who work with Scipio have extensive experience in Myanmar�s real estate market and work with clients to identify the right commercial space and also address their residential needs. In fact, the top 5 advantages of dealing with Scipio Services are fewer tenant problems, peace of mind, tenants stay for long, the property is maintained well and property owners get better returns on their investment.

Services Offered by Scipio

Property Management

The property management services offered by Scipio eliminate the hassles associated with owning an investment property in Myanmar. Scipio takes care of everything that is required to appropriately position and market residential and commercial properties in Myanmar. The company caters to the needs of the tenants in such a manner that they happily renew their lease agreements year after year. This in turn ensures a great return on investment for property owners. Over the years, Scipio is considered to be one of the preferred suppliers of property solutions by government missions, large multinational corporations, local property owners and NGOs.

Real Estate

At Scipio, they offer customized real estate advisory and consultancy services for organization that are moving into the Myanmar market and setting up their operations. The company constantly surveys the current occupancies and asking prices for residential, industrial and commercial spaces. In addition, they provide up-to-date survey reports on the current status and future projections of the real estate market in Myanmar.

Facilities Management

The facilities management services provided by Scipio handle the non-core operations and enable organizations to focus on their core competency. The company also takes into consideration the special needs of organizations to ensure local as well as international regulatory compliance. Through a due-diligence process Scipio pre-screens all suppliers so that reputational risks faced by organizations are mitigated to a great extent.

Some of the facility services offered by Scipio include health and safety, regulatory compliance, risk assessment, static security guards, supervision of static guards, fire safety, fire planning and fire extinguisher training, janitorial/cleaning services and serviced office and virtual office spaces, among many others.

Summarizing, Scipio Services provides one-stop real estate market solutions for organizations setting up operations and individuals who come to work in Myanmar.