How to Use Facebook to Drive Website Traffic

Facebook isn’t just for posting cat pictures and playing addictive puzzle games. Websites such as know the popular social media platform is actually a powerful tool for driving traffic to your site. Here’s how:
Have Something to Share

The first step is to create fresh and helpful content on your website. This can be done in a variety of ways including:

� Post a news bite and photo about what is happening in your business or industry.
� Post a weekly expert tip about your niche. This doesn’t have to be longer than a paragraph but should address common questions or concerns your customers have. Add a photo if possible.
� Post an interview with a company or industry member. If you have a video, great! If not, a written interview will work, too.
� Curate a Top 10 list of helpful articles from around the web. Be sure to write a line or two about why you chose them.

Posting new content on your site not only gives visitors something to share on social media, it also enhances the SEO on your website.
Make It Easy to Share

Nobody likes to copy and paste an unwieldy URL. Make sure your site has easy-to-use social share buttons. There is a variety of social share plug-ins available ranging from share bars that float alongside your content to static share bars at the beginning and/or end of your content. It’s also acceptable to ask for shares, for example, “Was this article helpful? Feel free to share…”
Optimize Your Posts

When you post links to your content on your Facebook page, consider posting a photo and adding your link to the status update with a short blurb about the link rather than simply posting the link directly in the status bar. The photo shows up larger and the description travels with the share. This will help ensure traffic goes back to your site, right where you want it.