How to Target the Right Audience With Facebook Ads

One of the best modes of advertising today is via Facebook. Here are a few tips for reaching your target audience with Facebook ads.

1. Make sure to narrow your location. Then choose the distance from your chosen location. This is absolutely information you should have. Don�t walk into corporate meetings if you don�t know where your target audience is located!

2. Play around with different demographics. You can choose things as broad as gender and age to more specific demographics, like income range and marital status.

3. Choose a few interests of your target audience. This can get a bit difficult to figure out, since interests don�t have to directly relate to your specific business. For example, customers who will purchase your handmade jewelry may also be interested in things like Fashion Week and coupons.

4. One of the best things about Facebook ads is that you can choose to target people who only take certain actions online. By performing audience analysis, you can target only people who search for something specific, like handmade gemstone jewelry, for example.

5. Once you�ve chosen specific options for an audience, save it as a Custom Audience. In the future, you can use that specific audience if you�re targeting the same group of people.

Since Facebook ads can cost as little as $1, there�s no reason to not give them a shot.