How to Sell Your Apple iPhone 5S 16GB for Cash

Did you know that you can actually sell your Apple iPhone 5S 16GB for more money than you paid for it? Fortunately, there is a huge market for unlocked iPhones and iPhones that are not tied to a Vodafone or any other contract.

If you don�t believe me, then keep reading and you�ll see for yourself. For example, let�s say that you have an iPhone 5S 16GB and you want to sell it so that you can upgrade to an iPhone 6+. You may have paid just �50 or so for that iPhone. The same phone will be selling for up to �100 online.

If you�re looking to sell your iPhone for cash, then follow these steps and you�ll get more than you may have hoped for:

  1. Take photos of your iPhone. The area you use should be well lit and there should not be any distractions in the photo. All focus should be on your phone.
  2. If you still have the packaging that your iPhone came in, then include this in the image. Prospective buyers LOVE to see this packaging. They get the impression that you have been a very careful and considerate owner who has taken great care of the phone.
  3. Take a video of your iPhone. You might want to turn it on, make a phone call and then post that to YouTube with a link to your phone.
  4. One of the most lucrative times to sell an iPhone is for it to finish on a Sunday night. People have more time and it will generally get you a better price. Ideally you�ll list your iPhone on a Thursday for this to happen. People have all weekend to bid on it too.
  5. If you�ve decided put your phone for sale under an auction, then start your price off at �0.99. iPhones will generally sell well through an auction, you just need to trust the process and allow the audience to do it�s magic.

If you�re not sure about putting yourself through all the effort of getting onto eBay, taking and adding photos of your iPhone, adding the info and then sending it off to the buyer, then you might want an alternative solution. eBay auctions do on occasion, come to nothing. It�s not always as easy as it looks and can even turn out to be quite a bit of trouble. Buyers can complain and want a refund etc.

Here�s an alternative for you. It�s easy, it�s convenient and it�s just as cost effective.� Sell your Apple iPhone 5S 16GB to and you�ll get a great price and it will be far less hassle. Once you get a price from us, that is what you�ll get. We won�t be squabbling with you.

All you�ll need to do is to send us your Apple iPhone 5S 16GB and we�ll send you the money.

Here�s that link again. go there now and run a check on your Apple iPhone to see how much you�ll earn.