How to Handle an Arrest

Police officers make more than 14 million arrests per year in the United States, which is more than 38,000 arrests per day. The arrests involve traffic violations, drug charges, assault, theft and the like. Accused persons are always innocent until someone proves them guilty. A person who receives a citation will want to handle the citation properly. The following are some tips on what a person should do during and after an arrest:

Be Courteous

One of the most important things that a defendant has to remember is to be calm and courteous. Police officers sometimes misconstrue nervousness as rebellion, and arrest situations get ugly. An accused person should always answer the police officer respectfully and do everything the officer requests.

Ask to Call an Attorney

Every accused person has the right to contact an attorney about a charge. Defendants have the right to have someone represent them and try to keep them out of jail. The police officer is supposed to notify the offender of such rights during the course of the arrest. Failure to do such can result in a dismissal of the case for an accused person.

Contact a Bail Bond Specialist

A Broomfield resident may end up with a bail bond assigned to him or her after the police officers conduct their booking. Booking is a process in which the police enter a defendant�s information into the computer system and contact a judge to ask about bail. Bail is an amount of money that some judges order defendants to pay before they can return home and wait for the court case. The amount of bail depends on the nature of the crime and the defendant�s criminal history.

Sometimes, judges set extremely high bail amounts that defendants cannot afford. In such cases, defendants can call a Broomfield bail bonds company for a quick release. A bail bond company is a company that offers to pay a defendant�s bail. Such a company will usually charge a small fee to have the defendant released. The best bail bond companies can release defendants within hours.

An accused person should use the previously mentioned tips as a guide for handling an arrest.