How the advances in technology changed online shopping

We are living in the 21st century and we are all able to recognize technology is a huge part of our lives in almost every area. However, one of the industries that constantly adapts to the ever-growing evolution of technology, is the retail industry. This industry is constantly being affected by technology and keeps changing. Since the introduction of online shopping, the sales on stores have decreased while purchasing on the internet has become one of the consumer´s favorite ways of buying. They can purchase anything they want from the comfort of their homes, from the supermarket list, through a baby stroller to a wireless bra. They can find any product at better prices (most of the time), and this is why companies, fabrics and retailers are changing their system.

With the advance of technology, companies are investing more and more money to create online websites where consumers are able to scroll through their products, purchase the ones they like or need, and even save some money.
Throughout the last decade, the advances in technology had been revolutionary, and this impacted people’s lives in several ways. The number of people using the internet has significantly increased, internet shopping grew enormously and so did the level of competition within the cyberspace world. Nowadays, the internet is full of user-friendly platforms for consumers and users to easily buy and sell things or use services without leaving their homes, saving time and effort.

New technologies are benefiting online shoppers

* Internet assistants to guide you: In most websites, customers can find proper assistance to guide them in their purchase or clear any doubts. We are referring to chatbots; they are available 24/7 to provide information about any product or maybe problem or doubt you may have, they can also help you navigate through the website in case you are finding it hard to find something. This way companies can handle their online customers easily.

* The invention of smartphones: Ever since our phones are able to combine the functions of our computer, camera, and cellphone; people can search, purchase or communicate through the web at any time and place. You no longer need to be sitting at your computer or carry your laptop everywhere. Nowadays, people have the chance to purchase anything, anywhere, with just using their cellphones. This has made online purchasing extremely easy. Moreover, considering the huge number of apps that are created every day, which simplifies more and more procedures.

* Virtual assistant on your smartphone: Nowadays you do not even have to scroll the web on your phone when you are trying to buy something. You just need to ask “Siri” or “Google” aloud what is it that you need, and your smartphone virtual assistant will solve your queries.

* Secure payment: Trusted websites assure your payment by adopting modern payments platforms and gateways that have anti-fraud measures, so that your personal and financial information doesn’t get compromised and you can rest assured. Most of these gateways allow you to pay using different payment methods, like credit cards, mobile wallet or net banking. This is how technology keeps making it easier for people to buy online.

The need for convenience and practicality keeps growing

Many factors keep pushing people towards online shopping; avoiding queues at the checkout and dealing with huge crowds of people in the brick and mortar stores are a couple of them. Nowadays, smartphones have become the primary tool for e-commerce transactions, and that enables people to search for products, find the best prices and buy them only in a matter of minutes with just pressing a few “buttons”.
There is also a growing need for subscription services, this way consumers receive the products straight to their homes (weekly or monthly) without even having to make the purchase, as it is already registered.
In addition, people feel the need to get smart objects, such as fridges that are designed to register an inventory of the products inside and automatically place an order to the supermarket for the items that are about to run out. What is more convenient than that?

In conclusion

Technology has made the purchasing of goods and products easier and more convenient. It has created a more advanced platform for consumers to conveniently consume more efficiently and fast.