Fun Coding Courses for Children and Teenagers

Tech Camps are a popular trend amongst pre-teens and teenage kids these days. These camps not only teach youngsters about computer programming but also inspires them to pursue higher studies to obtain a degree in computer sciences. According to the CEOs of renowned technological ventures, the demand of computer graduates is exceeding the present number of graduates working in the industry. Thus the requirement of the code-savvy people still exists in the tech industry. The core purpose of the tech camps is to ensure that kids enrolled in the camps, will pursue technological education in the future.

Coding Tech camps start with basic lessons that enhance the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) learning. Gradually the direction is shifted to programming and then the disciplines widens with time. There are focused tech camps that teach specific programming specialisations which encompasses Java, C++, Python, App development over Android and iOS, robotics engineering with VEX and LEGO, FPS and RPG game design. Furthermore, Minecraft, 3D modelling, animation, filmmaking, photography and web designing is also a part of this camp. Besides technological learning, the students are involved in different activities which includes sports, movie watching, and storytelling. These activities are included in the curriculum to avoid getting the kids bored from programming discipline.

The children who have been enrolled in the summer camps said that the interface of developing games is just like playing them and that they were so addicted to it that they plan to seriously consider it as their study discipline in future. For pre-teens as little as the age 7 are taught illustration via software like Adobe Photoshop and Multimedia Fusion to develop simple games. Meanwhile, the teenage kids are taught Minecraft, 3D modelling and coding and at the end of the summer camp, the camp participants display their projects and apps.

Tech camps are better for the students who do not have the computer facility in their school and need computer education for future learning and pursuing it as a career. Many renowned tech camps in UK Tech Camps, Fire Tech camp and Fun tech aim to educate as many children with computer programming so that it may help them to obtain degree in computer sciences. These camps are also playing a vital role in building up the economy because of the IT jobs generated in the market and the increasing number of students securing those jobs. According to a tech specialist learning to code at young age might help them in the future as the tuition fees are exceedingly high and the need for special training on programming courses is fulfilled. According to Walter a student from Tech camps says that he has been able to meet many people during the programming course although it seemed that he is alone in his room all day. But it has boosted his confidence at large. The tech camps are a valuable programme for children during vacations as they get to learn the programming which may help in their future development and inclination towards computer programming.