Alternative cancer treatments- Avoiding sugar with stevia

There are a lot of cancer research and studies which are currently being conducted. The studies focus on various medicinal components, including those from known herbal medicines, as well as various diet and exercise. Through various researches, there are concepts and ideas which have bubbled up to the surface. Primarily, that prevention is easier than it was first thought of; that certain cancers can run families; intense exercise can help fight cancer; and diet can both prevent and fight cancer. Of primary importance in diet is the correlation of certain food with specific cancers.

For instance, cancers which are related to the digestive system have a correlation with a high intake of red meat. Another concern is that a cancer patient should only eat a diet which is not only free from items which have a high correlation with cancer, they should eat food which has a correlation with fighting cancer.

Some food which are being studied for their anti-cancer properties include virgin coconut oil, seaweed, fresh fruits and vegetables with high anti-oxidant content, and so on. Of particular interest for some researchers is the sugar intake.

Ways to reduce your consumption.

There are many types of sugars, from glucose, lactose, fructose, etc. Some artificial sweeteners are already proven to be carcinogenic when taken in large quantities. These should be always be avoided. For a cancer patient, sugar in the diet should be avoided. Sugar, in itself is not on its own fight or help cancer. Rather, sugar creates an imbalance in the blood’s pH level. The body tries to constantly adjust he blood’s pH level, and avoiding sugar altogether allows the body to allocate less resources in maintaining proper blood sugar and blood pH levels.

Most forms of sugar found in processed food include: white refined sugar; brown semi-refined sugar; high-fructose corn syrup; glucose; polydextrose; dextrose; maltodextrin; sucrose; maltose’ fructose; sugar cane; beet sugar; dairy sugar or lactose. Using any of these processed sugars would create a spike in a person’s glycemic index. The following sweeteners will still cause a rise in the glycemic index, however, these are less refined sweeteners, and are usually organically made: real maple syrup; black

strap molasses; raw honey; sucanat; date sugar; rice syrup; barley malt; and coconut sugar. Fruits are rich in sugar, and some need to be avoided. Those fruits which can help fight cancer include unsweetened lemon, unsweetened lime, and avocado. The sugars from these fruits would have to suffice for the cancer patient.