3 Plants to Help Repel Insects

Though the summer weather brings plenty of sunshine for trips to the beach or a swim in the pool, it is also a season plagued by insect presence. If you aren’t a fan of mosquitoes or flies, then summer nights may be more of a dread than a pleasant time of relaxation. Fortunately, nature is full of scents and plants that can help keep insects from ruining your time on the porch or in the pool.


This beautiful flowering plant loves a spot in the yard or on the porch where it can get at least six hours of full sun each day. Not only does add beautiful color to your landscape, but the scent is a practical way to deter mosquitoes and other bugs from invading your space. In fact, it is said that lavender oil, when applied topically, will repel 88% more insects than those who use no protection.


You can find many online herbalists and gardeners touting the value of using peppermint to repel insects, but several essential oil studies have shown these claims to be true. Though you can apply the oil topically to provide insect protection, you can also plant the easy-to-grow herb around your home or pool to keep away pesky bugs. Be warned, though, that the peppermint plant is a relative of catnip, so you may attract some feline friends.


This gorgeous flowering plant is an effective way to brighten your porch while keeping away bugs and mosquitos. It is not as effective as spraying a chemical containing Deet or burning a candle or torch filled with citronella oil, but it does provide an extra layer of protection. The citronella geraniums contain citronella in a high enough quantity that can help repel mosquitoes.

You can grow some of these plants naturally, or you can source a scent for burning from a company like KratoMystic. Either way, you can find relief from insect pests.