How to Win the Lottery – Picking the Winning Lotto Numbers

Winning the lottery is an elusive dream for many, but it only happens to a select few. It is common knowledge that the odds of winning the lottery are sometimes in the hundreds of millions, and this is a difficult system to beat – if you don’t know how. However, there are people who have managed to win again and again, and here they share some important tips.

1. Improve Your Chances of Winning the Lottery by Playing the Right Games

There are games, or draws, where your chances of winning are dramatically greater than in other games. Each lottery has different divisions or ways to win. Aside from the jackpot prize, some have prize divisions which correspond to the number of correct numbers drawn and, or plus the bonus numbers. USA draws, for example, have a $1 million second division prize and rest of the other divisions offer respectable sums as well. In the case of Euro Millions, there are 13 different prize divisions, so if you are not gunning for the jackpot prize, you can still stand to earn a good sum from the lower division prizes.

2. Get More Entries without Spending More Money with Lottery Pools

Lottery pools, or syndicate lottery, is a cost effective way of being able to play more draws for only a fraction of the regular entry cost. The cost of entry is shared with members of a group – whom you may or may not know – and all the prizes won by your group are divided equally among the shareholders. The advantage of joining a syndicate lottery is that you can play a lot of numbers. This normally costs a small fortune, but since you’re splitting the cost with other members, it won’t feel as if you’re being robbed.

3. Make Sure You Don’t Miss a Lottery Win by Double-Checking Your Numbers

A lot of people make the mistake of betting on a lottery and forgetting that they ever did. Proof of this is the fact that there are millions of dollars and pounds worth of prizes which still haven’t been claimed in the US and in the UK. As a general rule, you only have one year to claim the prize, after which the money goes back to the charity fund. Always keep your tickets or scan them and upload them to your email. This way you will be reminded to check for the lottery results after the draw. If you play with an online service, the results will be sent to you immediately after the lottery draw.

4. Take Steps to Secure Winning Lottery Tickets

When your lottery ticket wins, the first thing that you should do is to secure the ticket. Lottery tickets have security features which include a bar code. Writing on the front of the ticket is not allowed, and this would void the lottery ticket. However, you can sign the back of the ticket. This is one way for you to ensure that you would be the only one who would be able to redeem the winnings.

Lottery authorities respect the owner of the winning tickets. The rules of most lotteries also consider the signatory as the owner of the ticket. For big ticket winnings, the signature is considered as proof of ownership. For smaller prizes, the signature is not usually needed to claim the prize.