Rewriting Best Posts

After blogging for a few months or years a blogger usually writes a lot of posts. Some of them are obviously more valuable then others and it would be a shame if they were very hard to find. One solution to make sure that people will read what you wrote in the past is to actually rewrite your old posts. In order to do this you should use up-to-date information and publish them again. I have seen this done on the top blogs in the blogosphere and if your older posts are able to stand the test of time, there is no reason why you would not want to do it. Very often there is a lot of valuable information in older posts and rewriting them might be a very good idea.
Another approach would be to link to your best posts from the sidebar, but on the other hand rewriting posts might be more beneficial, as it would update them with more recent data. If you do not plan to rewrite your older posts, then you may at least want to link to your best posts on your sidebar. If you visit many blogs, then you will notice that many other bloggers link to their posts from their sidebar.


If you know me in person, you know that I have been a gamer for a while now. I play all sorts of games, both online and offline, and the more intellectually challenging a game is, the more likely I am to play it. In other words, I am always on the lookout for those games that engage my mind in some way. A good example of a game like this is Minesweeper Online.

I remember playing Minesweeper for the first time about a decade ago. A friend of mine introduced me to it. What a blast did I have with it. I still remember the very first few hours of the actual gameplay. I had to learn the rules of the game, but when I got the hang of them everything became so much easier and a lot more enjoyable.

I again stumbled upon Minesweeper just a few hours ago. Not having played the game for a few years, I was more then thrilled to give it a go again. What a great thing it was. My experience was more than enjoyable, and I found myself playing the game even though it was time for me to work. I became so much into it that I completely lost track of time.

I really like it when situations like these happen to me. When a game is engaging as opposed to being boring, I so much like to play it that I completely forget about the world around me, which is a good thing as I find many games out there not to be challenging at all.

One thing I like about online games is when they give you an opportunity to compare how you fare against other players. This means that even if I feel like I have already mastered Minesweeper, there might be other people out there who are better at it than I am. It is thanks to them and their scores that I always have a challenge ahead of me. Situations like these keep me going, and I always look forward to every chance of playing the game knowing that this might be one of those times when I am going to beat my own score or the score of somebody else.

Encouraging Comments on Your Blog

Most bloggers would prefer to have more comments on their blog and there is generally an agreement that blogs benefit from comments. That is because not only many comments indicate that your blog is popular, but also make your visitors more involved with your blog. Various visitors often contribute interesting thoughts of their own, which in turn makes them more loyal readers and in general improves the overall quality of your blog. Improving the quality of your blog in turn attracts more visitors. So the question is not whether you should encourage comments, but rather how to do it. This post is going to give advice on this subject. Before we start, if you are a WordPress Blogger, just make sure you have Akismet plug-in activated to fight with spam. Without further adieu, here is the list:

1. Have a top commentators widget on your sidebar. This greatly motivates people to leave comments, as they will feel appreciated for the fact of contributing to the discussion. I am using the “Show Top Commentators widget” which is compatible with the latest WordPress release and can be found here:

2. Reward your top commentators with a short review of their sites or even some money. Some bloggers have done this and it served them well as it encouraged leaving comments on their blogs.

3. Have a recent comments widget on your sidebar. This encourages visitors to leave comments, especially on older posts, because new comments are very easy to find. I am using the default “Recent Comments” widget from WordPress. Blogs hosted on may use “Recent Comments for Blogger” found on

Protect Your Devices

Do you know of anybody who doesn’t plan to take their kindle or iPad on summer holidays with them? I don’t know of anybody like that. As a matter of fact, various e-readers have become so popular lately that when you go on summer holidays you can easily spot dozens of people who use their e-readers on the beach while basking in the sun. This is something that each one of us should do. after all, every vacation is a lot more fun once you have something really entertaining to do.

If you are traveling with your iPad somewhere, make sure that you have one of those iPad cases ready in your suitcase. Even if you don’t have one yet, it is still not too late to get it as there is a store in the UK that ships their items usually within 24 hours, which means that you should be able to get your case without any delay if this is what you want.

One of the nicest features of many but not all kindle cases is its stand feature. When you are in different places, you might want to out your kindle so that it stands allowing you to read easily. This is something that i wanted my kindle case to have and I have succeeded in it.

Unless you have a toddler, you don’t need a shock-proof or waterproof case. Those cases are usually a lot more pricey and they aren’t that functional. For example, with one of my tablets I need to take off the cover every time I charge it, which can be quite inconvenient. I still use this case though because it is shock proof and it allows me to protect my table from shock damage that could occur if it fell on the floor. So my conclusion here is that you have particular requirements when it comes to your case, a simple one should be exactly what you need and you might not require anything more than that. Opt for a colour that suits you most and enjoy your summer holidays knowing that nothing bad can happen to you or your precious device.

Dredge Rental

Gold prospectors use a technology known as suction dredging to find and exploit the precious metal. This involves the use of a device known as a gold dredge. The nozzle of the dredge works by sucking gravel from the bottom of streams and depositing it into a sluice box. Water is then used to remove the lighter gravel from the unit and leaves the gold in the sluice box.

A gasoline engine operates a gold dredge. Sizes of the nozzles vary from a diameter of two inches to ten inches. It is common for recreational panning spots to limit the size of the nozzle used. The slow water spreads the content evenly to prevent the gold from being pushed out with the gravel.

How to locate Gold Panning Areas
The value of gold never diminishes; therefore hunting for real gold is a profitable hobby. Commercial gold miners often use rockers and sluice boxes while those who prospect for gold as a hobby stick to the pan. Regardless of the method used, it is important for a gold seeker to know the area in a given location that may have gold.

Carry out a search along riverbanks, pools of water under rapids, and on eddies behind rocks. Usually, gold tumbles on a fast current and sinks when it reaches still waters. Check out the submerged cracks in bedrocks. Looking at topographical maps of an area will enable you to know streams that might have gold.

Where to Pan for Gold in the U.S
Before the 1849 Gold Rush in Sacramento, there was a strip of a gold mine between Montgomery, AL, and Washington, DC. At the time the strip was the primary source of gold. States like California, in which the vein runs through still, attract many dredgers and panners. Some locations are known as established bases for gold. Other places are just wide spots along creeks or rivers known to have traces of gold. Some of the areas that are believed to have gold include:
• Roaring Camp

• Alabama Gold Camp

• Reed Gold Mine

• Crisson Goldmine

In most of these places, visitors are allowed to look for gold, learn how to mine, and even camp at the sites. If you would like to start gold hunting as a hobby, these may be ideal places for you to start prospecting. Consider looking for a dredge rental before you start your search.