Backing Up Your Blog

Most responsible webmasters back up their blog from time to time. They understand that you never know what might happen. I think that most bloggers should probably back up their blog more often then they do. Anyway, the frequency of making backup is not what I wanted to discuss in this post. On the other hand, I want to explain some fundamental rules when it comes to backup. In particular, I want to say what you need to back up when it comes to your blog. In this case I will use a WordPress blog as an example:
• Your blog’s core files. Those are the files that are located on the server after your WordPress installation is finished. They might get corrupted, and backing up those files will ensure that you will be able to restore your blog easily. If you make any changes to those files, you will definitely want to back them up. Simply copy them to your hard drive and upload them if the files on the hosting server get corrupted.
• Your blog’s theme. This includes all modifications you made. Some bloggers put more work into their theme than others. However, even if you only made a few changes to your theme, it is crucial that you have a backup.
• Your blog’s plug-ins that you installed that are enabled or disabled. Finding the right plug-ins is time consuming, so you do not want them to get lost or corrupted. At least make a list of all plug-ins you have installed.
• Images and files that are uploaded to your blog.

Award Plaques

How many times did you meet employees who were not happy for some reason? People need to be motivated in order to work effectively and this is something that cannot be denied. If an employee is not motivated to work, he will usually not care that much about his performance in the workplace. It is in the best interest of a company owner to ensure that his employees are motivated to work and that they show up when they want to give their best.

An employer can successfully motivate his employees by investing some time into something called employee recognition in the form of award plaques. Employee recognition is an important part of running every company and brass plaques as well as photo plaques play an important role in it. A happy employee is an employee who is rewarded for his achievements accordingly. This can be accomplished in many different ways. An employee might receive an award, he might be awarded with points for every success he achieves, etc. The possibilities here are endless.

I am sure that every employee appreciates being rewarded for his accomplishments. I know it because I am an employee myself and I have been rewarded with perpetual plaques before. I know how being rewarded for everything I do motivates me. Were I not motivated to work, I wouldn’t probably be as effective in my workplace as I am right now. I know that rewarding employees matters to them a lot as I have heard comments from my fellow employees confirming it to be true. If this is true, then every employer should make sure to reward his employees accordingly.So, ask yourself, do you do anything to make sure that your employees are rewarded for their achievements? If not, you might want to do something about it and see the results accordingly.

Setting Goals for Your Website

One of the ways to keep yourself accountable is to set some goals for your website. This is an excellent way to measure your achievements, but remember that your goals should be time-sensitive and specific. Here are some examples, which should help you get started:

• Obtain a Page Rank4 within a year. It can be any other number, as this is only an example. You can easily check your Page Rank so this also means that you can easily check on your progress.

• Obtain an Alexa rank of 100,000 within 2 months. While it might require a lot of work, you will have a lot of satisfaction if you achieve such a goal.

• Have an affiliate program revenue of $100 per month within three months. Take into account that affiliate revenue can fluctuate a lot. Nonetheless, it is possible to add up all of your affiliate income and see how you are progressing.

As you see in the examples above those are quite specific goals, and you will be easily able to say if you indeed achieved your goal or not, which is very important. You can also measure to what degree you accomplished some goal in percentages. Some people even set goals for themselves every month and say that it keeps them motivated. My personal advice is not to set goals to high, so that you will not get disappointed. Of course, realizing hard to achieve goals can be a very rewarding experience so it might be worth a try.

Business-Building In 2016: Your Quick Reference Guide

If you’ve decided to make 2016 your business’s most successful year yet, it’s time to develop a strategic plan. Strategic plans are important and effective because they provide you with a clear outline of the steps you are going to take so that your company realizes its professional goals. In many cases, business owners run out of implementable strategies designed to facilitate company growth. If you find yourself facing this dilemma, don’t worry. Instead, use the business-building tips in this 2016 guide to keep your company growing:

1. Optimize Client/Customer Connectivity.

Businesses grow as a result of several factors, one of which is increased conversion. In recognizing this business principle, you are probably looking for ways to enhance your current conversion rates. While there are many ways that you can realize this objective, optimizing client/customer connectivity is particularly effective. As marketing research shows, businesses that regularly interact with their customers in a manner that builds relationships tend to obtain better bottom lines. Luckily, there are millions of ways that you can optimize connectivity with your clients. One is to communicate and build communities with them via social media channels like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

2. Purchase Shopping Cart Software.

Another strategy you can use to get your business growing in 2016 is to purchase ecommerce shopping cart software. Companies like offer this type of software. Utilizing the carts is an important, effective strategy because making the online shopping process convenient for your customers is a great way to increase the likelihood that they will make a purchase. With online shopping carts, customers can easily place all of the products and services they plan to purchase in one central location.

3. Take Your Health To A New Level.

If you really want your business to thrive in 2016, you need to possess the energy and mood stability necessary to work optimally throughout the day. The simplest and most effective way to realize this objective is through health optimization. Although you may be tempted to use quick fixes like coffee or energy drinks to get through the day, these tricks will actually create an energy deficit and mood swings in the long run. With this idea in mind, make sure that you are eating a balanced diet and exercising regularly to ensure that your mind and body function optimally as you work.


If you’re serious about taking your business to a new level of success in 2016, the strategies outlined here can help you. By optimizing client/customer connectivity, purchasing online shopping carts, and taking your health to a new level, you’ll likely find that your company obtains the optimal conversion rates you’re seeking!

Electronic Component Suppliers

As technology has advanced over the years, components have transformed and evolved from early, simple devices to more modern, infinitely complex machines. However, there are many people who prefer the older models; hobbyists, collectors, and those who choose to remain in the past all need older versions of electrical components, but it can be difficult to find these devices, especially when the majority of electronic component suppliers cater to a modern audience that needs the newest, most efficient version.
This is why it’s vitally important to establish a solid relationship with your supplier. When you’re looking for a hard to find part, your supplier may know where to find it. They have access to resources you don’t. However, it’s important to know what to look for in a supplier before you start trying to form a relationship with them. Here are the three details to keep in mind.
1. Historic price point.
Does your supplier tend to keep a relatively steady price point, or do they charge in at the first chance and increase their prices? If they are steady, that’s a good sign; however, if the supplier takes any opportunity to increase their own profits, you may one day find yourself a victim of price gouging. It’s important to look at their historical price points and determine if your supplier will be the best fit for you or not.
2. Level of service.
Does the supplier go above and beyond to help out their customers? If so, you’ve stumbled upon a potentially good supplier. IT can be difficult to find large companies that go out of their way to help individual customers, but when you do, they’re worth holding on to. Problems with shipping, late invoices, and finding obscure components will be easier when you know you can count on your supplier for great service.
3. Quality.
What kind of quality are the components? Some suppliers try to cut costs by trading out quality on their components. Others buy from shady, unethical sources. You need to be sure of the quality you’ll receive from your supplier before you do business with them.
Keeping these three details in mind while browsing for component suppliers is essential to getting the best deal and finding one you can establish a long term relationship with.

Technology and Exercise

Many people would associate technology with computers, and as we know, computers do not have a lot to do with exercise. Actually, we would usually assume that technology contributes to people having less exercise. Nonetheless, technology can greatly aid in doing any exercise, and I am going to show an example in this post pertaining to running.
It would be great to know the number of steps you make when you run. It seems that once again Adidas has released running shoes with a built-in pedometer. The interesting part is that it is a self-contained model with a microprocessor fitted over the laces of the left shoe. The face of the shoe has a small LCD screen and connects by a wire to a sensor built into the sole of the shoe underneath the big toe. The runner has the possibility to indicate his stride length and body weight by using two buttons. After running it is possible to read such data as distance covered, time, average speed and caloric expenditure. While nor everyone might have a need for such a shoe, it is definitely an interesting idea with well implemented design. The shoe currently costs over $100, and is labeled as Micropacer.

There can be many ways that technology can aid people who exercise, so maybe we shouldn’t be so biased in assuming that technology contributes to people being less healthy?

Guitar for Christmas

It seems like everybody around me is talking about Christmas and the joy that it brings to people’s lives. I personally like this time of year a lot despite the weather, and it gives me joy knowing that I can always shop for accessories such as dimebag darrell whenever I feel like it. I am a bit short on cash this year, but it doesn’t have to mean that I am going to deprive myself of all of the fun of being able to shop for something enjoyable.

Cooling for Your Laptop

Cooling a laptop can be challenging due to the fact that you cannot really open a laptop on your own, and in general a laptop is a very small device compared to a regular PC. I noticed that on the market there are laptop coolers that can be attached to a notebook via USB. Those coolers will cool a laptop from the bottom, especially in really hot days that we might often experience. I noticed that my laptop was having performance issues due to high temperature, and I am going to fix the problem by using a cooling device. Additionally, with an outside cooling device, your room might get cooled down as well.

The Benefits of Using Aerospace Grade Aluminum

Aluminum is a material that has become common to see in many manufactured items. 2219 aluminum, or aerospace grade is not quite as common. It is a mix of aluminum and copper, which stands up to more rigorous demands and higher temperatures. This is why the aerospace industry uses this product consistently to construct all sorts of vessels and aircraft.

How Aerospace Grade Aluminum is Commonly Used

Aerospace aluminum is used to create booster rockets, fuel tanks and any number of parts for aircraft that need to exit and re-enter the atmosphere. Keeping parts from degrading due to high temperature is an important part of successful space flight.

Other Products Made Using Aerospace Aluminum

Many industries and private artisans have found that this type of aluminum works well in the products designed and marketed to the general public. You will find aerospace grade aluminum in products such as wheel rims for cars, jewelry, art projects, tools and many types of die-cast parts.

What Makes Aerospace Grade Aluminum Superior?

Hurlen-Kenig creates aerospace grade aluminum that surpasses most in quality and durability. They have both long-standing and continuing contracts with the aerospace industry to supply this product for many years to come. Using aerospace grade aluminum will ensure that the products you make last longer, work more efficiently and degrade over a longer period of time than standard products.

How Easy is it to Get Aerospace Grade Aluminum?

Hurlen-Kenig specializes in providing many types of super alloys on a regular basis to all types of industries. They are also able to machine, cast, forge and extrude. The services available are complete and will keep your business in supply of the aluminum you need, when you need it.

Is Aerospace Grade Aluminum Affordable?

Businesses build empires based on repeat customers. This is something that requires customer satisfaction. Building products and offering them to customers with increased quality and performance is the perfect way to guarantee customers will return over and over again. The cost difference is worth the high quality of product it helps create.

Consider the use of aerospace aluminum if you are looking to change or upgrade the manufacturing of an existing project. Trust the professionals at Hurlen-Kenig to provide the solutions at an affordable cost.

Finding the Perfect Domain Name

The World Wide Web is becoming quite crowded. In practical terms this means that domain addresses are being registered every single day, and there are less and less attractive addresses. While a few years ago you could just try to register short, single word domain names at any registrar without any effort put into it, nowadays to find nice domain names consisting of two words you need to use some tools. One of my favorite tools to find domain names is It is a website that offers you the possibility to search through thousands of combinations very quickly to help you find the domain name of your dreams. You can specify your website’s category, prefixes, affixes, and preferred website name. It is a really handy tool so I suggest you bookmark the website. I find this tool to be very useful and I am sure that many other people also take advantage of this helpful method to find websites that are not taken yet. It is better to do it now than later, as the longer you wait, the more likely you are going to miss the address which is attractive to you. It is generally true that those who founded their websites earlier are more advantaged. However, you can still find the address on the Web that will suit your liking.